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Harley-Davidson MENA postpones MENA HARLEY DAYS 2012 in Lebanon

Unfortuntaly, and due to the current political situations in the region, Harley Davidson MENA had to anounce today that the MENA Harley Days will be postponed until further notice

Harley-Davidson Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson Europe, Middle East and Africa, the world’s leading manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles, has announced the postponement of the FIRST 2012 “MENA HARLEY DAYS?® event that was due to be held in Lebanon at Al Ramleh el Bayda, Beirut from September 21 to 23rd 2012.

“Due to the current situation in the Middle East, we feel that holding this Event at present may cause difficulties for riders travelling in from neighboring countries. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the Event. � said Elsa Abi Nader, Marketing Manager Harley-Davidson MENA

“It is unfortunate to postpone such an initiative however we’re always looking to support the vibrant Harley-Davidson community with great events which we will be announcing soon. MENA Harley Days hasn’t been entirely cancelled though, and we will go ahead with it when the situation on the ground gets better; at this stage we do not intend for this world class event to be held anywhere else but the beautiful city of Beirut.� said Paul de Jongh, Harley-Davidson Country Manager.

When we received this press release today only one thing crossed our minds: It is such a pity and shame that the ongoing political unrest and instability across our North Africa and Middle East region is causing such interesting motorcycle or automotive or motorsport events to get canceled or postponed.

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