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3M’s drives car owners to performance-driven DIY car care

Not everything that glitters is gold, but when you’ve invested in a new car - or are just proud of your existing one - then keeping that shiny outer finish is worth more than its weight in gold - especially because maintaining good body work can help keep the value of your car.

However, the daily assault of sand, sun and rising temperatures, as well as sometimes tricky driving conditions, make keeping that impressive shine especially challenging. But help is now at hand with 3M’s Car Care performance driven solutions for do-it-yourself car care - for car enthusiasts who love to take the credit for their car’s sparkling appearance, or those whose credit crunch cutbacks have forced them to take care of their wheels by themselves!

“Car owners know how good it feels to have a clean, shining car to drive around. Regardless of what car you drive, a sparkling car speaks volumes about the driver. But the challenge many car enthusiasts face is not only how to keep their cars clean, but more so on how to have a longer lasting shine. This is what makes 3M Car Care products stand above the rest. These are professional grade products that are very easy to use and give you a lasting finish.,� stated Robert Castro of 3M’s Transportation division. “Using a combination of 3M Car Care products and investing just a little bit of time, it’s easy to maintain durable protection and a high gloss shine - even one that lasts in the Gulf climate.� 3M presents its do-it-yourself tips for a shiny, happy, protected car:

Shine that lasts

- A good wash and wax will keep your car looking tidy, but there isn’t always time, which is why 3M developed its Quick Wax. Containing four different waxes, including carnauba wax for added protection, the quick wax allows you to treat your entire vehicle in minutes! Leaving it with a high-gloss, streak-free, �just waxed’ look that lasts between three and five washes.

- Or, for a longer lasting shine, give your car the ultimate high-gloss finish with 3M Performance Finish synthetic wax. Synthetic polymers bond to the paint surface, providing a deep gloss finish that lasts for 50 washes, giving you long, durable protection. The easy to use wax has exceptional durability and water beading qualities for the surface of the car.

- For applying waxes, 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth will give you the best result for an easy application. The cloth’s unique super-soft micro-texture is also ideal for use on paint, chrome, glass and dashboards - for removing wax or polish, residue and fingerprints, and won’t scratch or streak delicate automotive surfaces. Best of all it is washable for easy re-use.

Removing scratches

- If scratches are blighting the “bling appeal� of your car, the easy to use 3M Scratch Remover is an ideal way to bring back that bling, and improve simple damages such as light-to-medium scratches, swirl marks, or paint imperfections with no hassles and no waiting! Can be used by hand or machine application.

- To restore oxidised paint, water spots, swirl marks, light scratches and minor stains on larger areas of your car, use 3M Rubbing Compound to safely and effectively remove finer sand scratches, minor paint imperfections, and medium oxidation and is ideal for removing automatic car wash scratches - before leaving a fine finish.

- For a more intense action, 3M One Step Cleaner Wax will restore luster and shine to dull and faded paint finishes without swirls or scratches and contains Carnauba wax for added protection. The one step process for restoring and protecting paint work is fast and effective and as easy as wipe on, wipe off.

A good clean

- When it comes to getting your car squeaky clean, you need something that safely removes dirt and grime, without removing wax protection. The concentrated formula of 3M Car Wash Soap is phosphate free and will give your car a high �sud’ clean, which rinses easily without streaking.

- Restore the glass surfaces of your car, including windows, windshields, mirrors, and side glass with 3M Glass Cleaner. The “No drip� foaming action clings to vertical surfaces and delivers a streak-free shine. The glass cleaner will not affect painted surfaces and is safe to use on automotive vinyl, plastic and metal.

- For clean and conditioned leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces, 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer cleans, shines, conditions and protects in one step. Its unique non-greasy formula removes dirt and grime restoring the car’s inner surfaces to their original natural sheen.

Happy wheels

- For a quick tire clean fix, 3M Wheel and Tire Cleaner quickly and beautifully cleans your wheels in one easy step. The acid and phosphate free formula removes brake dust, road tar, grease and grime and cleans soil and scuffs from tire side walls - leaving wheels with a brilliant shine.

- Next, freshen the look of your tires with 3M Tire Restorer and enjoy that deep, black, new-tire look. The non-greasy formula cleans and rejuvenates tires and avoids “slinging� onto paint. The Tire Restorer can also be used on exterior rubber bumpers or vinyl moldings.

3M Car Care do-it-yourself products are available from Yellow Hat stores in the Dubai, U.A.E.

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