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Mercedes-Benz Egypt and NATCO open most luxurious 3S showroom and service center in Hurghada

Mercedes-Benz Egypt and NATCO have displayed that they are among the leading luxury car brands in the Egyptian automotive premium segment by opening a new and impressive sales, service and spare parts facility, also known as 3S, in the Red Sea area

As an act of confidence in the Egyptian economy and as part of a better service for the existing 300 Mercedes owners in the Red Sea and Upper Egypt area, National Automotive Company (NATCO), holding company of the retail network for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars celebrated the opening of its latest showroom, HNA (Hurghada National Automotive), which according to NATCO shall be the most luxurious sales, service and spare parts (3S) facility in the Red Sea area with an investment of EGP 20m and a creation of 34 new job opportunities.

Natco adds that the new HNA facility is built with world class standards, including highly trained professionals ensuring the best quality service. The new 3S facility is located in El Nagda Square, Hurghada, Red Sea, a very strategic location offering a complete range of services and which includes many existing automotive facilities such as Toyota Abu Hetta and which will also include future automotive facilities from other brands such as Volkswagen and BMW.

“We started working on HNA in 2012 and now it joins 34 dedicated employees, who provide premium services through 8 working bays. The center is equipped with the best technology and maintenance tools, enabling us to provide the highest quality services similar to our centers in Cairo and Alexandria. Our strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz Egypt is a perfect example of a succesful long-term partnership. Building on our excellent partnership, we will continue to develop and increase the number of our facilities to better serve the customer base of Mercedes-Benz Egypt” said Karim Sami Saad, Chairman of NATCO.

“HNA will serve as a strategic location serving the Red Sea area and Upper Egypt, representing a major step forward in our business development strategy and one of the key initiatives that Mercedes-Benz Egypt is planning to undertake in the country” said Philipp Hagenburger, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt. “This solid growth and sustainable results would never be possible without the support of our dedicated, long-term partner, NATCO, who has continued to invest in Egypt and the automotive industry despite the challenging circumstances in the country.” Philipp Hagenburger added.

Mercedes-Benz Egypt and Natco contiue to demostrate their unique position among the highly competitive luxury car segments in Egypt, shortly after opening the outstanding GNA show room at Pyramid Heights, the HNA show room is unveiled, extending sales and service coverage to Mercedes-Benz customers resident in the Upper Egypt area.

Such an accomplishment and investment in these difficult times highlights Mercedes-Benz’s Egypt commitment and dedication to customers all over Egypt and also shows how Mercedes Benz Egypt is keen on finding new potential customers outside the Big Three cities Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.

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