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Opel is recalling 208.000 Astra Sedan and Astra GTC models for risk of fire !

Only a couple of month before launching the new Opel Astra, the Opel headquarter has announced today it is recalling 208.000 units of its current Astra sedan and Astra GTC models, because of a possible fire risk.

Parts of the battery cover can break and block the ventilation of the water cooling system, which could lead to engine overheating, in extreme cases even to further damages or fire.

The repair-time for this recall is approximately 30 minutes, where an additional wiring will be installed.

All Astra Sedan and Astra GTC owners should contact the official Opel dealer in order to make an appointment and repair this item free of charge as it is an official recall.

Ruesselsheim – Dubai - Cairo

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