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Vodafone McLaren Mercedes partners with Processia Solutions

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is delighted to announce a new partnership with Processia Solutions – a Canadian PLM (product lifecycle management) implementation specialist who will work alongside the team to improve the software associated with the design, build and integration of its Formula 1 cars.

Processia’s role will be key during the design and development stage: their comprehensive suite of services can streamline and harmonise a variety of separate production processes to improve productivity and efficiency.

And, for 2010, Processia’s contribution to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will be particularly timely.

As Formula 1 looks for more ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, Processia’s ability to streamline and integrate existing design and production information will enable the team to operate more rapidly and harmoniously – while simultaneously saving money.

Jonathan Neale, McLaren Racing’s managing director, added: “In a Formula 1 team, you’re always looking at ways to increase productivity, reduce production time and lower costs, while improving lap time.

“Our relationship with Processia Solutions enables us to not only manage the many and varied needs of a Formula 1 race team in an efficient way, but also helps us to improve and streamline many of those methods – which provides us with a competitive advantage.�
<br /> Processia’s partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will also act as a showcase for the firm’s establishment in the United Kingdom and Europe.

“Our involvement with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team marks a major milestone in the implementation of Processia Solutions throughout Europe,� said vice-president Vincent Fraser. “We’re delighted to be able to showcase our expertise in product lifecycle management within Formula 1 – one of the toughest, most demanding and unforgiving environments in the world.

“This relationship will also clearly demonstrate that success in Formula 1 needn’t come at the highest cost, but through working in the most efficient and elegant way.

“And our partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes showcases that perfectly.�

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