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VW Group recalls over 58.000 different Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda due to transmission problems with the Direct Shift 6 Speed gearbox !

Due to the many reader’s letters, complaints as well as phone calls to our weekly live program on Radio Masr 88.7 (every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm) about several Volkswagen models as well as the Volkswagen & Audi service center in Egypt, we decided to republish the following recall which was announced by the Volkswagen Group a while ago:

VW announced a problem with the Jetta, Golf, EOS, Passat, Scirocco, Touran & Caddy (with direct shift 6 speed gearbox), as well as the Audi A3, Audi TT, Seat Leon, Seat Altea, Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb, affecting over 58.000 vehicles worldwide, including Egypt and the Middle East.

In rare cases an incorrect interpretation of the clutch temperature can occur which results in the clutch operating inadvertently with unexpectedly loss of drive. Vehicles built from 1/9/2008 to 31/8/2009 are at risk.

The following remedial action is necessary to address this problem: Recall affected vehicles and update/reprogramme gearbox control unit.

More information to be published shortly here on



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Readers Comments:

Leanne Maw from Dubai - United Arab Emirates wrote:
I have a 2011 Golf and have this problem where occasionally the gear box will slip into neutral. I bought this car second hand and I really need to find out if it is the subject matter of a recall, can anyone help? Does anyone know how I can check whether my specific car was the subject matter of a recall?
Many thanks in advance.

Nadine from cairo - egypt wrote:
i am considering buying an audi A3 2016 but i am a little bit confused with the gearbox, so the problem still exists? Thanks

Editors response:
Dear Nadine,
from your contact details we understand that you want to buy this Audi A3 in Egypt. The problem with AUDI, Volkswagen and SEAT in Egypt is that they are all owned and managed by the same company and management, Egyptian Automotive Company / Kayan, which are considered two of the worst, most unprofessional and most customer-unfriendly car companies in Egypt.

Therefore I recommend that you chose a different German or European brand.

Kind regards,

Essam from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
I heard your program, but i want to ask if this recall including passat 2006 ??

Editors response:
if it is equipped with 6-speed DSG automatic transmission, then it is included in the recall.

Tamer Fahmy from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Any news regarding solving the above mentioned problems in 2012 models, simply do you recommend to me to buy golf or jetta 2012 or this problem still persists

Editors response:
Dear Tamer,

Volkswagen Egypt is not doing any effort to solve the hundreds of problems we received regarding the different Volkswagen models solf in Egypt, neither the models sold through the official VW importer nor the better-equipped and much cheaper gulf-specs models sold through the grey-importer.

Therefor we do not recommend to buy any Volkswagen cars from the official VW importer (Egyptian Automotive Company owned by Karim El Naggar) until further notice.


Ahmed Sadek from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Dear Editor ,

This recall's happened more than 2 years ago as far as I remember & its for the DSG 6 , now VW has a DSG-7 dry dual clutch & there are no recalls since late 2009. Why re-issue an old story. Just wondering

Editors response:
Dear Ahmed,
thank you very much for your constructive inquiry. We decided to publish this Volkswagen transmission recall now because, as you surely noticed, that the official Volkswagen and Audi importer in Egypt did not have the courage until today to issue an official recall in Egypt for the affected Audi and Volkswagen models. In addition to that most of the complaints we receive during our weekly live radio program on Radio Masr 88.7 as well as through our website, are mainly regarding gearbox and transmission problems with the different Volkswagen models.
I am very glad that you are not facing any problems with your Volkswagen or your Volkswagen service center. I hope I was able to give you a convincing explanation on why we are publishing this recall now. As you could see from the many complaints, it was quite important to re-publish this Volkswagen transmission and gearbox recall now.
Kind regards,

Maged Hamed from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
I was listening to your program on Radio Misr 88.7 where you announced that you are trying to solve the change of the mal-functioning VW gearboxes. Can you consider me in as I'm suffering a lot with the maintenance center with regard to this issue and others. I sent a complain to the Volkswagen headquarter in Germany who then forwarded it to their Egyptian agent in order to call me. But I have not heared from them yet.
Let me know what do you need!
Best regards,
Maged Hamed Abdullatif
Volkswagen Passat 2007 owner.

Editors response:
Dear Maged,
of course we can include your complaint. Please send us a detailed complaint about what problems you suffered with the official Volkswagen dealer in Cairo. If you have any documents to support you complaint, then please send them to us as well. Please include your contact details (phone, email) as well as the VIN-number and license plate of your car.

Mohamed Salama from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Does this apply to the gulf specs cars that were not imported by the dealer?

Editors response:
Dear Mohamed,
this recalls applies to all different Volkswagen Passat and Jetta models worldwide. The affected cars could be imported by the official VW and Audi dealer, or the grey-importers or the Gulf-importer. It all depends on the VIN-number. If your dealer tells you that your car is not affected then tell him to give you a written confirmation about that, and than we can check for you with the Volkswagen headquarter if your car is affected or not.