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Pirelli Egypt violates F1 TV & Radio broadcast rights together with Mehwar TV and Nogoum 100.6 FM !

A couple of weeks ago we published an article on how the Pirelli radio show on Mega FM 92.7 is one of the most unprofessional radio shows in Egypt, and that the marketing department of Pirelli Egypt is one of the most unprofessional marketing departments we have ever witnessed.

And although Pirelli Egypt marketing manager Mohamed Magdy kept on defending his engagement and sponsoring for this totally unprofessional radio show on Mega FM 92.7 and its totally incompetent presenters, it seems that Mohamed Magdy is not only extremely stubborn and against learning from his mistakes, but it seems that he is ready to do the same stupid mistake one more time in order to not prove himself wrong at the first time.

After our first article (published 01.09.2014) about this totally misleading and amateurish Pirelli radio show on Mega FM 92.7, obviously Pirelli Egypt gave orders to the Mega FM presenter Mohamed Sowellam to stop talking about automotive and road safety-related issues and to only discuss general topics (e.g. how to be successful in your private life and career, etc.) in order to avoid the automotive and technical mistakes and road safety misinformation told by this amateurish presenter and his incompetent studio guests.

At the same time, and after finally realizing that this Pirelli radio show on Mega FM with its presenter and paid studio guests and ‘experts’ is a complete flop, he started working with another similar unprofessional radio show which is also presented by a totally inexperienced and incompetent radio presenter called Tamer Bashir, who at the same time is also presenter of a so-called ‘automotive’ show (Doos Banzine) on Mehwar TV, which is also considered one of the worst TV shows in Egypt.

It seems that the marketing manager of Pirelli Egypt Mohamed Magdy is always keen on working with unprofessional and incompetent media representative so that his own incompetence would not stand out and be obvious as it would be the case when working with professional automotive and motorsport media, which I have to admit are very rare not only in Egypt but also in the rest of the Middle East.

But this time the consequences of working with this bunch of unprofessional and incompetent ‘media’ clowns will probably have much more severe consequences for both Pirelli Egypt and its marketing manager Mohamed Magdy as well as for Mehwar TV and Nogoum FM 100.6 !


Because Pirelli Egypt invited Tamer Bashir to the Monza and Abu Dhabi F1 GP in order to make a radio episode on Nogoum FM 100.6 and a TV show on Mehwar TV, although they, as the only tire partner and sponsor of the Formula One, should have known that there is something called TV and radio broadcast rights owned by the FOM, and which is sold to the international TV stations for as much as 70 million Euros per year in some cases!

I was very surprised to see such a level of unprofessionalism and TV-rights violation in just one TV episode, when this Tamer Bashir interviewed Pirelli Marketing manager Mohamed Magdy while sitting in one of the grandstands while the F1 action was taking place on the track. I will not waste our reader’s precious time to describe what nonsense and rubbish was discussed and mentioned during this ‘interview’.

I was even more surprised when I saw them broadcasting parts of the different qualifying sessions and the race on the screen of Mehwar TV, not caring about the logo of the TV stations from which they ‘stole’ this FOM-rights broadcast.

Similar sound-bites were also used in the radio shows on Nogoum FM 100.6 when Tamer Bashir was invited from Pirelli Egypt to cover the Monza and Abu Dhabi F1 GP.

The fact that the Pirelli Egypt marketing manager Mohamed Magdy knew that Tamer Bashir would be filming and shooting from inside the racing circuit just proves again, and like I wrote in two articles before, that this gentleman has no clue about the business and lacks any business ethics which should have been implemented by Pirelli in Egypt.

It seems that Pirelli headquarter in Italy has no idea what kind of nonsense is going on in its representative office in Cairo and I strongly recommend that Pirelli Italy would take some serious action against this unprofessional marketing department at Pirelli Egypt as soon as possible.

It also seems that Dr. Hassan Rateb, the Chairman and owner of Mehwar TV is not aware about what kind of trouble he will be facing because of the TV-rights violations of this unprofessional presenter and his lousy program Doos Banzine, which is full of misleading information, lies and exaggerations.

The same trouble will probably also be faced by the owners of Nogoum FM 100.6 & Nile FM 104.2 (Nile Radio Production Company), because of the same radio-rights violations which Tamer Bashir did when he aired the radio episodes about the 2014 Monza and the 2014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP.

The funniest thing about this lousy TV program Doos Banzine, is the ‘exclusive’ sign next to its logo on the top of the screen! ‘Exclusive’ coverage while stealing the footage from Fox Sport TV. Very ‘exclusive’ indeed!

If I would have been Alberto Pirelli, I would fire the complete Pirelli Egypt staff for misusing and associating my name and the name of Pirelli in such a low-quality TV program with such an incompetent presenter.

Not only should those Pirelli Egypt and Mehwar TV clowns banned for life-time from attending any F1 and FIA races in the future, but they should also receive a hefty fine from the FOM and FIA in order to be an example for any future unprofessional TV stations radio stations on how to respect the TV rights and respect their audience as well.

This is just one of many examples which I mentioned and meant in my article ‘Why are Formula One and other motorsport series not popular in the Middle East?’ (dated 19.11.2014), when I tried to explain why most of the motorsport and F1 stake holders and sponsors are not paying enough attention to developing motorsport and F1 in a professional way in the Middle East.

Stay tuned as we will publish shortly more information about this TV- and Radio-violation story soon, in addition to a more comprehensive and more in-depth analysis about motorsport and F1 in the Middle East.

Cairo - Dubai

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