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AUDI-VOLKSWAGEN-SEAT dealership discriminating veiled woman at A4 launch!

Usually we do not publish reader’s letters and complaints in our articles and news section, but this complaint from our reader Mohamed Ragab Hadary about the AUDI-Volkswagen-SEAT dealership discriminating his veiled fiancée at the recent AUDI A4 launch event had to published here as well as in the reader’s letter section.

As soon as we receive an official reply and statement from AUDI AG headquarters in Ingolstadt about this apparent discrimination incident towards a veiled AUDI owner at the recent AUDI A4 launch event, we will publish a complete and detailed article about this incident.

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FROM: Mohamed Ragab
Subject: AUDI discriminating veiled women!
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Dear all,
This invitation I received from Audi with my name on it was directed to me as to attend the Launch of the all new A4 in Mena house hotel - CAIRO - EGYPT , and I notified my fiancee as she is an Audi owner and she would be interested in checking out the new car, so i invited her to attend with me..
On the night of the event, we were extremely excited while driving a 3 hours road to reach the location..
And on doors the event organizers asked for the invitation and I showed it to them..
They looked at each other then turned back to me saying :"we can't let her in because she is veiled !!!!!?
After a while Audi representatives came out to see what's going on and they insured that no VEIL allowed to this event !!
I am shocked that this is the philosophy of a major international corporate like Audi , a philosophy that would market and deliberately ASSIGN discrimination and humiliation on its own customers through its own staff members that were supposed to serve them! we tried to enter your event - That YOU invited US to- to celebrate the success of Audi being Audi users ourselves and we left with a feeling of humiliation discriminating , disdain and shame that we are clients for a company that is promoting discrimination and screwing human rights!
I need you to investigate & question the responsible ones who delivered this harsh message to me and my fiancée.

Editor reply:

Dear Mohamed Ragab,
We are shocked to hear your story about this disgusting and totally unacceptable behavior of the AUDI Egypt staff and the instructions they have apparently given to their PR agency and event agency.

We know that the AUDI-Volkswagen-SEAT representative in Egypt (Egyptian Automotive Company and Kayan company owned by Karim El Najjar) is one of the most unprofessional, incompetent and customer-unfriendly car companies in Egypt, but this incident at the Audi A4 launch event in Cairo is a much more serious issue because discrimination based on gender or religion is totally inacceptable.

We will forward your complaint to the AUDI headquarter in Ingolstadt and to the regional representative office in Dubai and I am sure that you will hear from them soon, especially since this is not the first scandal involving Karim EL Najjar and the Volkswagen, AUDI and SEAT brands.

The fact that Audi Egypt offered you an Audi A4 test-drive as sort of an apology to the inconvenience you experienced with them at the A4 launch event, shows the extent of stupidity and ignorance of the Audi Egypt management.

We will publish the official reply of AUDI AG headquarter here in the reader-letter section and on our website frontpage.

Keep us updated with your case .
Kind regards,

This was the complaint we received from our reader Mohamed Ragab Hadary. We will follow this incident very closely here and will inform our readers with the latest updates as during the next few days.

Cairo – Dubai - Ingolstadt

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Readers Comments:

Ahmed Hosni from Sydney - Australia wrote:
I am not at the stage of buying a car at the moment but, I share it to God that AUDI would never be an option unless that humiliated costumer is happy and satisfied.

Best regards

Ahmed Hosni

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