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TOTAL EGYPT embarrasses Shell Egypt at latest Autostrad Road opening!

Only a few months after TOTAL Egypt took over all the gas and service stations from SHELL Egypt, we started noticing the huge difference between TOTAL and SHELL, especially here in Egypt. The recent opening of the most-inviting and most customer-friendly service station I have experienced in Cairo so far was a huge, although probably not intended, embarrassment for SHELL Egypt.

TOTAL Egypt was able during a very short period of time to show to the Egyptian consumer what it means to establish and operate professional, clean and customer-friendly service stations in Egypt. This became very evident at this latest opening of the TOTAL service station on Autostrad Road at the Maadi entrance.

This new TOTAL service station has, in my personal opinion, set a new benchmark for the quality, cleanness and service level of gas station/service stations in Egypt, especially when compared to the quality and professionalism level of the previous Shell service stations.

Two or three years ago I was driving back to Cairo late at night from a test-drive shooting in Ain Soukhna, and for my bad luck I had to use the restroom at the old SHELL service station which was at that very same location on the Autostrad Road before TOTAL Egypt took it over.

And I must admit, it was one of the worst experiences I ever had on that planet when using the restroom of a service station. The whole service station areas were a mess, and the smell and the hygiene level of the restroom was a complete disaster and beyond disgusting.

After this horrible experience I never used that gas station again and it became obvious to me what kind of a lousy job SHELL Egypt and its PR agencies had been doing in Egypt over the past years.

But now, after TOTAL Egypt took over this gas station, this service station has been transformed into an extremely clean and extremely inviting 'heaven' for car drivers and service station visitors. Not only is the new place one of the cleanest service stations you will find in Egypt these days, but TOTAL was also able to gather many other quality brands offering top quality products at the Bonjour shop such as TBS and Starbucks. And very soon customers will also be able to enjoy the famous and delicious Triple- and Double-Whopper from the Burger King restaurant on location.

Total Egypt inaugurated its service station on the Autostrad Road, as part of Total's commitment to cement and continuously expand its presence in Egypt. This is the latest addition to Total's growing network of 240 stations in Egypt. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of Jérôme Dechamps, Vice President Mediterranean and Middle East of Total Marketing and Services and Ian Lepetit, Total Egypt Managing Director.

"Egypt is the biggest oil and gas market in Africa and the Middle East and is a key country for us. I am delighted to witness first-hand this new addition to TOTAL network in Egypt," said Jérôme Dechamps. "The demand for energy in Egypt is very high and the local environment encourages growth and development. As the fourth largest oil and gas company worldwide, it is our duty to contribute to the economic growth of countries where we operate by expanding our investments in response to customers' evolving needs and expectations."

"Our growth in Egypt is intertwined with the country’s economic development and in such a fast-moving environment, the demand for energy swiftly grows. We constantly align our plans to widen access to safe, efficient and reliable energy in support of Egypt’s economic progress," said Ian Lepetit. “Driven by our commitment to energize life, every day, we are focused on expanding our network to new key urban areas and highways to better serve the market, adding 12 new stations every year. We also invest substantially in renovating our service stations, while complying with the highest European standards in building and operating them to ensure we provide our customers with only the best quality products and services.”

The new service station located on the Autostrad Road near Maadi, is a COCO station (Company Owned Company Operated) and provides premium services, a distinct feature of the TOTAL service station model in Egypt. In addition to selling 92/95 fuel and TOTAL premium lubricants, the station features the TOTAL Car Wash, tire gauging, its branded Bonjour shop offering a wide range of products and refreshments, including delicious baked goods and coffee served by TBS and Starbucks, and an ATM machine. The station is also equipped with washroom facilities for the handicapped and babies, music surround system, cell phone battery recharge, the TOTAL Card with its premium services and discounts, and will soon offer wifi. All services are available 24 hours a day.

Throughout the company’s 20-year presence in Egypt, Total has achieved major milestones, especially in recent years. In 2015, Total Egypt sold more than 3.6 million tons of petroleum products; investments in marketing activities grew by 10% annually bringing the company’s current estimated market share to 11%. Total plans to invest around US$ 500 million over the next three to five years in Egypt in downstream, exploration and production, and solar activities with a focus on developing and expanding renewable energy activities.

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, and the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations in more than 130 countries worldwide consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

In Africa and the Middle-East, Total is active across the whole petroleum product supply chain (service station network, general retail, lubricants, aviation fuels, bitumen, LPG) in 50 countries, where the Group is a sector leader with an estimated 15% market share. More than 2 million customers are served every day at one of 5,000 TOTAL service stations in the region.

Total Egypt is a subsidiary of the international oil company Total SA established in 1998. The company is active across the entire oil product distribution sector, with general sales, lubricants, and marine and aviation activities as well as a retail network. The company currently employs 230 people and focuses its efforts on the recruitment, training and professional development of its people.

The company runs a retail network of 240 service stations nationwide and has established a massive state-of-the-art lubricant blending plant in Borg El Arab. Total Egypt’s mission is to provide quality products
and services to its customers. It retails high quality fuels and lubricants as well as services and various products at its Bonjour shops.

At Total Egypt, the safety of people and operations, environmental protection, customer satisfaction and listening to stakeholders are core concerns. Industrial hygiene, employee health and product quality are absolute priorities.

Cairo - Paris

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