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Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show launches as Limited Edition with 400 exhibitors presenting sports cars, tuning, motorsports and classic cars

It is the home of all car fans: The Essen Motor Show will be held at Messe Essen from November 27 to December 5 (November 26: Preview Day). The performance festival among the car fairs combines sports cars, tuning & lifestyle, motor sports and classic cars into a colorful range. Because the effects of the pandemic are still clearly noticeable, the Essen Motor Show will be held this year as a "Limited Edition" and without the motor sports arena. In addition, the 3G rule* and a compulsory wearing of masks will apply. A total of around 400 exhibitors will be presenting their new vehicles and comprehensive accessories in eight halls.

From the coveted sports car to chassis and wheels to the chic hoodie of the hip scene label, there is hardly a wish left unfulfilled in Essen. After the pandemic-related break last year, the anticipation among exhibitors and visitors is great. Whether gasoline or electric: "The Essen Motor Show shows what relevance the car has and will also have in the future. Cars do not just take us from A to B - they should be fun and inspire their drivers, irrespective of the drive," Oliver P. Kuhrt, Managing Director of Messe Essen, describes the core idea of the Essen Motor Show.

E-sports meets pure racing

Car fans will meet a whole range of their favorite brands in Essen. These include ADAC Motorsport, Borbet, Continental, Genesis, Hyundai, H&R Spezialfedern, Mercedes Fan-World and Wheelpros Europe. In addition, there are well-known tuners such as Mareike Fox, JP Performance, Prior Design and Sidney Industries. In addition, the Essen Motor Show will be launching the subject of e-sports: at the stand of the motorsport simulation RaceRoom in Hall 3, visitors will be able to experience the intoxication of speed in the virtual cockpit. Right next door, fans can expect to see selected racing and sports cars from the past and present in the special show "World of Motorsport" - including, for example, a Toyota TS030 Hybrid.

Perhaps not (yet) legendary, but definitely cult, is the tuningXperience in Hall 5. Around 100 private owners present their lovingly tuned vehicles in the special show, which are among the best on the road in Europe. The spectrum ranges from moderate everyday vehicles to brute motorsport bolides and pure show cars. In addition to well-known models, the show's lineup includes rare examples such as Barkas B1000, Lada 2103, Polski Fiat 126p and VW Brasilia, as well as several vehicles from Tesla. Camping fans can also expect to see an Audi A7 Competition with roof tent.

Sustainable mobility at the Essen Motor Show

Not possible? Not at the Essen Motor Show. Even if the gasoline engine dominates the action, interest in sustainably powered vehicles is growing. In Hall 3, the mobility service provider Next is presenting a selection of current series models that are powered by electricity, hybrid or hydrogen. The presentation will focus on the trade show premiere of a Tesla Model Y and a Ford Mustang Mach-E, among others.

Tuners are not racers

Regardless of the drive, the following applies at the EMS: Tuners are not racers. This thought is also shared by Klaus Stadler, exhibitor and founder of the Mustang Owners Club: "Anyone who puts as much effort, love and money into his car as the exhibitors do at the Essen Motor Show would never think of driving an illegal race with it. The risk for themselves, others and the vehicle is far too great." The fact that tuning and safety go hand in hand at the Essen Motor Show is also shown by the initiative TUNE IT! SAFE! in Hall 7, which will unveil its new campaign vehicle in Essen. This is traditionally a tuned sports car in police look.

The Essen Motor Show is also a must-attend event for classic car connoisseurs: In the Classic & Prestige Salon of the organizer S.I.H.A. in Halls 1 and 2, dealers will present exquisite classic automobiles for sale, including many sports and racing cars. The focus of Germany's oldest classic car sales salon will include the anniversaries of 100 years of the AVUS and 60 years of the Jaguar E-Type.

Tickets are available online at

*3G = vaccinated, recovered or tested

Mohamed Sheta / Henning von Schwerin
Essen - Dubai - Cairo

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