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The new K 1300 R, the most powerful naked bike BMW has ever built.

Developing maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) and weighing exactly 243 kg (536 lb) with a full tank, this extravagant Power Roadster, one of the most powerful and dynamic machines in its segment, fulfi ls the greatest demands in terms of riding dynamics without in any way neglecting the particular wishes and preferences of the BMW customer in terms of safety, equipment and riding comfort. Hence, BMW remains at the top also in the special category of Power Naked Bikes.

Even more sporting, superior and dynamic.
The K 1300 R Power Roadster is a high-performance riding machine offering a perfect blend of performance, riding safety and technical features carried over from the K 1300 S. So while the drivetrain and running gear are carried over from the K 1300 S, they have been modifi ed in this case to meet the particular requirements of a large-capacity naked bike. The most signifi cant
and outstanding considerations in developing the K 1300 R were indeed to offer the rider supreme riding pleasure combined with equally outstanding safety on the road as well as the most sophisticated design features and an extroverted, masculine look. Suspension geometry upgraded to an even higher standard than on the previous K 1200 R gives the K 1300 R even greater agility combined with the same high standard of riding stability as before. The basic technical data on the suspension are now the same as on the K 1300 S. In comparison with the previous K 1200 R, the BMW Duolever front-wheel suspension is now slightly lower, with the wheelbase of the new model being correspondingly longer. The guide ducts on the engine have likewise been modifi ed for the new machine, with maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) almost the same as on the K 1300 S. Quite generally, both engine output and torque have been increased signifi cantly over the previous model, while the shorter fi nal drive
ratio of 2.91 versus 2.82 on the K 1300 S likewise has a positive impact on the acceleration and pulling power of the new machine.

Technical Highlights – an Overview:

• Even more dynamic, particularly at lower and medium engine speeds, thanks to the increase in engine capacity.
• Engine output 127 kW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque 140 Newton-metres (103 lb-ft) at 8, 250 rpm.
• I ncrease in torque by more than 10 Newton-metres (7.4 lb-ft) all the way from 2,000–8,000 rpm.
• Newly tuned Digital Motor Electronics to fulfi l the highest environmental standards.
• Optimised charge process for greater performance and lower fuel consumption.
• Optimised exhaust system with a new rear-end muffl er and electronic fl ap control as well as a fully controlled three-way catalyst.
• Desmodromic operation of the power application function to improve dosage of engine power.
• Even greater riding precision combined with maximum riding stability
ensured by the optimised Duolever front wheel suspension with a newly designed longitudinal arm at the bottom.
• Firmer spring/damper set-up for even better feedback to the rider.
• Supreme handling ensured by optimised suspension geometry, optimum mass distribution and a perfectly balanced overall concept.
• Second-generation ESA II electronically adjustable suspension and ASC anti-spin control as an option.
• New, innovative generation of control switches with optimised ergonomics.
• Optimised, maintenance-free shaft drive with a new two-stage drive shaft.
• HP Gearshift Assistant for shifting up without the slightest interruption of power and traction available as an option.
• Wide range of standard features and accessories tailored to the K 1300 R, all offering the usual supreme qualities of a BMW.

Increase in engine size for signifi cantly better performance.

Like the K 1300 S, the new K 1300 R also benefi ts from the signifi cant
improvement and upgrading of the straight-four power unit now increased in size from 1,157 to 1,293 cc. Maximum output is now 127 kW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque is 140 Newton-metres (103 lb-ft) at 8,250 rpm, an increase in power by 7 kW (10 hp) and an increase in torque by 13 Newtonmetres (9.6 lb-ft). While the former K 1200 R reached its maximum output at 10,250 rpm, the power unit in the new K 1300 R develops its maximum power at a signifi cantly lower 9,250 rpm. A further advantage is that more than 70 per cent of the engine’s maximum torque is available from just 3,000 rpm, just as the K 1300 R offers more than 10 per cent more torque than the K 1200 R all the way from 2,000 to 8,000 rpm. This clearly refl ects the objective of the engineers developing the new machine, focusing on even greater driving dynamics with signifi cantly more traction and much better acceleration than on the former model already so successful in the market.
Like the K 1200 R, the new K 1300 R comes with a shorter fi nal drive ratio (2.91 instead of 2.82), improving both acceleration and pulling power to an even higher standard. All technical modifi cations serving to optimise the engine and drivetrain are the same as on the new K 1300 S. The airbox comes with a modifi ed air fi lter and a newly set-up intake funnel versus the K 1200 R to meet the greater demand of the engine for a smooth and effi cient supply of air. And last but not least, the oil cooler with its larger block again refl ects the greater power and performance of the engine.

Sporting rear muffler with exhaust flap.
Like the K 1300 S, the new K 1300 R comes with a new rear muffl er not only making an important contribution to the machine’s “beefy� torque curve and riding qualities, but also providing an even more powerful sound full of character. This special effect is provided by an electronically controlled
exhaust fl ap reducing the damper volume with a higher throughput rate. Through its hexagonal design and smaller dimensions, the muffl er looks particularly compact and sporting to clearly underline the muscular stance of the K 1300 R. The K 1300 R is available with a very light and sporting slip-on muffl er made of titanium complete with a carbon trim cover from Akrapovi?‡?® as special equipment.

New gearshift kinematics and HP Gearshift Assistant.
Like the K 1300 S, the K 1300 R features a new gearshift lever with an ergonomically optimised pivot point. Together with the likewise new anti-friction bearing on the gearshift lever, this ensures an even more precise and faster gearshift particularly when the rider opts for a more sporting and dynamic style of riding. For the fi rst time in the history of series production BMW motorcycles and indeed for the fi rst time worldwide in series production, the rider of the new
K 1300 R is able to shift up without operating the clutch or taking back the gas handle, that is with hardly the slightest interruption of power and traction, by means of the HP Gearshift Assistant available as an optional extra. Introduced for the fi rst time on the BMW HP2 Sport, the HP Gearshift Assistant may be combined with the sport footrests likewise available as special equipment on the new machine.

Optimised suspension geometry, even fi rmer spring and damper settings.
The suspension geometry on the new K 1300 R has been mod fi ed versus the former confi guration in the interest of even greater agility and is now the same as on the K 1300 S. This improvement is ensured by a different process in machining the wheel carrier and through the Duolever suspension featuring a newly designed longitudinal arm at the bottom with a newly defi ned pivot point. As a result, the front-wheel guidance angle is now slightly lower and the
wheelbase of the new machine has been increased accordingly. The K 1300 R meets the signifi cant demands made of a Naked Power Bike in terms of sportiness and riding dynamics through the even fi rmer set-up of the gas-pressure spring strut. The new K 1300 R comes as standard on a 180/55 ZR 17 (K 1300 S: 190/55 ZR 17) rear-wheel tyre. As an option the particularly sporting rider may choose BMW sports wheels from BMW Motorrad’s wide range of optional extras and special equipment, allowing the use of a 190/55 ZR 17 tyre. Again in the interest of even better handling and greater performance, this special tyre replaces the usual 190/50 ZR 17 tyre.

Electronically adjustable ESA II running gear.
BMW’s new ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment II) running gear is available as special equipment at extra cost also on the K 1300 R. This allows the rider to vary not only the damping effect on the two spring struts and the spring base (spring pre-tension) on the rear spring struts,
but also the spring rate and, accordingly, spring hardness conveniently at the touch of a button. Hence, the rider is able to set the running gear very conveniently and more precisely than ever before to his specifi c wishes and the weight the motorcycle is carrying under all riding and load conditions, thus enjoying a new dimension of riding stability combined with optimum response at all times. ESA II is the world’s fi rst system for electronic adjustment of the motorcycle’s suspension offering such a wide range of setting options.

EVO brake system.
The K 1300 R also comes with BMW Motorrad’s proven EVO brake system featured on other models in the Boxer and K-Series. The brake lines are protected by steel sleeves, brake discs measuring 320 millimetres/12.6" at the front and 265 millimetres/10.4" at the rear ensure maximum stopping power even from very high speeds and with the motorcycle carrying a heavy load.
Further benefi ts of the EVO brake system are its unparalleled brake pressure build-up rate and the reduction of operating forces to a minimum even when braking all-out – qualities the system has proven in many tests. Indeed, the BMW EVO brake system – EVO stands for evolution – is already renowned in the market as one of the safest and most effective brake technologies available.

Handlebar detached for minimum vibration, new controls and switches.
The new K 1300 R features a handlebar detached from the frame of the machine in the interest of minimum vibration, a technology carried over from the K 1200 R Sport. The big advantage is the higher standard of everyday riding quality particularly on longer distances. Another new highlight on the K 1300 R is the brand-new generation of switches and controls. Featuring MID (Moulded Interconnect Device) technology, the new control units are far smaller and more compact and at
the same time offer an even higher standard of functionality, clear design and optimum access for easy reach.

HP instrument cluster as special equipment for sports riding.
The new K 1300 R may be equipped with the HP instrument cluster already well-known from the HP2 Sport as special equipment for the most sporting and dynamic riding requirements, for example on the race track. This superior system developed in cooperation with the German data specialist 2D Systems comes with a large digital display informing the rider in the Road Mode on typical features and data such as road speed, engine speed, mileage covered so far, remaining mileage on the fuel available, and the time spent travelling. During the warm-up phase, in turn, the instruments offer further helpful data. In the Racing Mode the instrument cluster presents data such as lap times, maximum engine speed, road speed, or the number of gearshifts.
The HP instrument cluster comes additionally with eight freely programmable LED lights serving, for example to present engine speed or acting as an external gearshift indicator.

Even more dynamic, masculine and aggressive look.
With its even more muscular design, the new K 1300 R simply oozes a strong feeling of power and performance at very fi rst sight, standing out clearly from its competitors and leaving behind an impressive visual message through its even more dynamic appearance. The newly designed fairing on the front wheel mount and the compact front wheel mudguard give even greater emphasis to the front end of the K 1300 R, making it look even sleeker and more dynamic. The aggressively styled radiator trim panels, in turn, demonstrate even more power and performance than before. The intake panel is also new in its design and is now fully painted, supporting the powerful, dynamic look of the K 1300 R through its almost rough and jagged form.
The side covers are even more striking in design, offering even better protection of the rider’s knees from wind and weather through their contoured edges. A modifi ed headlight body as well as new paintwork on the headlight panel, in turn, give the K 1300 R a new and even more aggressive face at the front. To match this outstanding look, fi nally, the hydraulic reservoirs fi tted on the two halves of the handlebar for the brakes and clutch now come in a discreet smoky glass look. Mod fi ed instrument graphics in clear, techno-like layout clearly demonstrate the design of the new machine to the rider himself. The newly designed rear light in LED technology and with a white clear glass look conveys an exciting touch of technical excellence and a superior look of harmony together with the white direction indicator lights.

Comfort seat for the passenger as special equipment.
Apart from unparalleled riding pleasure on country roads, the new K 1300 R
offers supreme all-round qualities through its outstanding power unit. And to enhance riding comfort for the pillion rider to an even higher level, BMW Motorrad offers a seat bench much wider and more upholstered at the rear.

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