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Dacia Logan Receives Its Facelift

Dacia has launched the Logan facelift , with prices starting from 6400 euros, the same as the original version of the car, and with a 3 year or 100,000 km warranty. Some of the improvements include assisted emergency braking, the MCV rear view mirrors and the possibility to modify the height of the steering wheel.

The Dacia Logan facelift is available in four equipment versions and five engine versions, with the same engines as the current model. The most expensive version costs 10.700 euro and has the 1.5L and 85HP engine.

Orders for this new model can be made starting from July 2nd and the first cars could reach their customers next week, according to Dacia officials.

As for the design, the new Dacia Logan got changes in the optic blocks, the front and rear bumpers and the new Dacia logo, that was launched with the Sandero. Also, some changes were made in the back, where the trunk got a small facelift.

Although major changes will be kept for the second generation of the car, expected for 2012, the ones that have been performed in the facelifted model may hold Logan sales for the remaining four years until its renewal. The front end has received a new bumper, grille and headlamps, which give the sedan some visual identity with the Sandero, which is also based on the same platform. The facelifted Logan will be used as the visual basis for future products from Dacia, such as the small SUV that is being planned by the Romanian company. The new Logan does not share only the grille and the new Dacia logo with Sandero, but the hatchï?½s interior has also been inherited by the older brother, with a rounder and more modern design.

At the back, the tail lights have also received modifications and introduced curves instead of straight lines. The boot lid follows this line and makes the car look less boxy and, therefore, more in tune to new vehicles in general and the Sandero in particular. The rear mirrors have also been updated. In fact, changes have been made to make the Logan look younger when compared to its hatchback sibling.
The new Logan will be available from this month in Europe. As prices have been kept the same for most versions, as well as the engines and other technical specs, these changes may really help Logan sell another 1 million units worldwide in the four years to come. Or even more than that especially as it represents alot of a car for a relatively cheap price.

The new Dacia Logan has a length of 4.29 meters, 4 cm longer than the previous model.

The facelift will also be made for the other models of the series, including the MCV, the Van and Pick-Up.

In Egypt, the Dacia Logan is sold under the name Renault Logan.The version launched in 2004 was presented a few weeks ago in Egypt approximately at the same time of the Automech 2008 Motorshow.As a matter of fact, a lot of Renault enhusiasts and automotive journalists are wondering when the facelifted version will hit the Egyptian market,and whether it will take as long as the first time to be up-to-date with the other markets worldwide or not. The Logan starts in Egypt at 70.000 LE (app. 9000 Euros).

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Readers Comments:

Karim from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
Why is this car so expensive in Egypt if it only costs some 6000 Euros in Europe? It should be much cheaper in Egypt, especially since its coming from Morocco and that there will be no customs duties between Egypt and Mororro now?

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