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Ayoub Ghiblawy: First steps to become a racing driver

16.02.2009 / Sharm El Sheikh - Cairo /

We at Auto Arabia always try to stay in close contact with our dedicated readers and viewers. In this section we will we will show and publish the various experiences and attempts of our readers in becoming racing drivers, by following their efforts in the local championships. Ayoub Ghiblawy is one of those dedicated and ambitious drivers.

Altough Ayoub didn’t start racing and practicing at a young age, his enthusiasm and will to become a racing driver became even stronger now. So, without thinking too much he started dedicating lots of his time and money in preparing his first racing car, a Peugeot 207, for his first racing experience at the Egypt Speed Challenge held at the Ghibli Karting Track in Sharm El Sheikh.

According to Ayoub there were 54 other racing drivers from Egypt participating at the ESC.
Ayoub Ghiblawy, who raced under the Libyan flag, has been living in Egypt almost his whole life and has been convinced all his life that one day he will become a racing driver. Achieving position 3 in his category during his first race ever proved to him that there is still some potential in his possible acing career.

Ayoub told us the that between the 13-14th February 2009 the first round of "Egypt Speed Challenge 2009" was held with great success. Ayoub thought that everything was professionally organized, TROPICANA Hotels & Resorts sponsored the drivers' accommodation and the race was divided into several categories from less than the record 1300 cc and up to the standard over 2000 cc. Ayoub also said that the rules and regulations were followed by the laws of the FIA (International Federation of Motor Sport) and that there was a great support from a the audience.

Ayoub also assured to us that he was very impressed about the standards of the event and predicts this race to be one of the most exciting recurring events in Egypt this year thanks to Gerbil and their professional team.

�And believe it or not: we haven't seen the last of these racers. The spirit was so high and all participants want more of that racing experience. So, soon I will participate in round two of ESC, which will be held in Cairo probably in May 2009. And please make sure to follow up my racing news on the website of Gerbil: !’

We at Auto Arabia will surely follow your racing development, Ayoub! We are sure that with some support from Peugeot Egypt or Peugeot Libya you will be able to do even much better in your category and in the other categories as well.

We wish you and all the other participants and organizers good luck in your championship.

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