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Caparo T1 Climate option launched

20.03.2009 / Abu Dhabi – Cairo /

Owners and potential buyers of the Caparo super-car in the hot climate Middle East region used to have one major problem: The Caparo has no air condition! Now this problem has been solved: Caparo T1, the ultimate supercar designed and manufactured by Caparo Vehicle Technologies, is now available with a full climate pack. The option is being introduced as a result of customer demand and can be installed on all new orders as well as retrofitted on the existing Caparo T1 cars.

Following a highly successful launch in the UAE and increased customer demand, Caparo Vehicle Technologies have introduced a new optional extra for the Caparo T1. All current car specifications can now be built with a full climate pack which includes a plexiglass canopy and air conditioning. The canopy, made from a toughened acrylic used in armoured windshields and helicopters, slides forward over the nose of the vehicle, and this option costs ?£21,760. In addition to the canopy configuration, an air conditioning unit can also be fitted with a cost of ?£3,750. Both these extras, part of the Caparo T1 Climate, can also be retrofitted to existing cars.

Caparo Vehicle Technologies Ltd, the company behind the Caparo T1, provides advanced technology development, materials engineering as well as design, development and manufacturing services to the automotive, aerospace, defence and marine transport sectors. Coupled with the global manufacturing resource of its parent company, the Caparo Group, Caparo Vehicle Technologies aims to accelerate the use of lightweight materials in air, land and sea vehicles.

Caparo Vehicle Products Ltd, a division of Caparo Industries plc, is a grouping of innovative Tier 1 component design, engineering and manufacturing companies providing advanced solutions to the automotive, aerospace, military and motor sport markets. The companies offer design, rapid prototyping and sample development, as well as series production and line-side delivery of a wide range of parts and assemblies. The group combines its portfolio of products and services to provide full vertical integration to its customers, as demonstrated by the Caparo T1 race car.

The Caparo group of companies is a British multinational with automotive manufacturing interests, able to supply 80 per cent of vehicle content. The group is the largest single-owner business in the UK with a variety of automotive component manufacturing facilities. With plants in the US and India it employs approximately 8,000 people globally.
Caparo was founded in 1968 by British Asian industrialist and Labour peer Lord Swraj Paul. Appointed chief executive in 2003, his son Angad Paul, continues to focus on the same strategy for growth, achieved through the acquisition and turnaround of existing businesses and by the organic growth and development of Greenfield start-up projects, which underpins the group’s skill at building innovative technology companies from scratch and penetrating export markets.

I am sure that with some proper marketing of this super-car in the Middle East region, the Caparo can easily become one of the best-selling super-car in the region.

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Readers Comments:

Amro Hasan from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
One of the supercars I like to see in Cairo streets is the Nissan GTR, I asked for it in Al Awad group and they informed me that they present this car in motor shows only and it is not going to be available for sale in Egypt. The thing is that I was told by Al Awad group that the car should cost 2 million L.E. and they can't open a service center to support a car or two if sold at all.
The car is priced at 71k$ by Nissan, that is approx. 400k L.E. Multiply by 3 for the entire jumbo mambo that always accompany importing such a car, It is 1.2 Million Not 2 million!

The Nissan GTR is a supercar that can perform everyday driving as well. It is much cheaper than a performance comparable Porsche which, is available for sale in Egypt.

Now I say if Nissan’s representative in Egypt is not willing to bring this engineering beauty to our land, someone should.

Editors response:
Dear Amro,
you never know. Maybe somebody will import the GT-R soon. Stay tuned, because we will surely be the first to publish that (if and when it happens).

James from London - GB wrote:
Nice Car

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