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Bosch achieves milestone in fuel economy and harmful emissions reduction

The diesel-technology is much better then the gasoline-technology in terms of performance, torque, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But still the diesel-technology plays a very minor role in the Middle East, mainly due to the lack of media awareness but also due to the absent interest of the local dealers and importers in the Middle East as this new technology would burden them with immense costs, for new diagnostic systems, technicians training, spare parts stock, marketing campaigns and many more.

But it seems that Bosch Middle East is now willing to change the role of Diesel technology in the Middle East, especially since Bosch produced 50 millionth common-rail system for diesel engines, a technology which delivers 30 per cent less fuel consumption, 25 per cent less CO2 emission than gasoline engines.
Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, one of the three divisions of leading global technology and services supplier Bosch Group, has recently achieved a new milestone with the production of its 50 millionth common-rail system for diesel engines. Common-rail direct fuel injection systems remain widely used in the MENA region due to their ability to make diesel engines more economical and environmentally-friendly compared to gasoline engines.
Common-rail systems enables cleaner & more economical diesel power in the MENA region as they offer 30 per cent less fuel consumption and 25 per cent less carbon dioxide emission compared to gasoline engines. They have become popular in MENA countries such as the UAE which have adopted stricter sustainability laws and are preparing even more stringent emissions legislation. Bosch started series production of this technology in 1997, thus establishing the diesel engine as modern and environmentally-friendly. The common-rail system provided the diesel engine with better performance, higher torque, and improved running smoothness.
“The efficiency and environmental benefits of common-rail are of special significance in this region, where heavy equipments are constantly in operation and where more sustainable practices are being mandated across all industries. Bosch is highly committed to this technology and its role in reducing the impact of development on the region’s environment,� said Volker Bischoff, GM, Robert Bosch Middle East FZE.
The term “common rail� describes a high-pressure accumulator, or rail, from which the fuel is injected into the cylinders via the injectors connected to it. The first customers, Alfa Romeo with the 156 JTD and Mercedes with the 220 CDI, began marketing models featuring Bosch common-rail systems at the end of 1997. Volumes grew rapidly over the following years. By 2001, three million Bosch common-rail systems were in use, and by 2002 the figure had already risen to 10 million systems. The share of diesel cars in western Europe rose from 20 to over 50 per cent between 1997 and 2007.

All well-known international automakers currently rely on Bosch common-rail systems. To meet this demand, the company manufactures the respective common-rail system components at 15 locations in Europe, Asia, and America. As a result of the prevalent use of the technology, nitrogen oxide and particulate emission values for diesel will be around 95 per cent and 97 per cent lower, respectively, by the time the Euro 5 emissions standards takes effect in September of 2009.
Robert Bosch Middle East FZE launched its MENA headquarters in Dubai in 2008 to recognize the huge market potential of the region and as part of efforts to draw closer to customers in order to optimize quality of service. The company continues to expand its capacities to meet the unique needs of the local markets through its Automotive Aftermarket, Power Tools and security systems.
And we at Auto Arabia are very pleased to see that Bosch is the first company in the Middle East to recognize the huge diesel-technology potential in the region, especially since we have been testing diesel cars and reporting about the advantages and benefits of the diesel technology over the past years.

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