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Land Rover hopes to maintain position with 2010 Range Rover

What does Range Rover need to maintain it position as one of the leading luxury 4x4 manufacturer? A lot more than just launching new powerful engines and revolutionary technologies. At least in the Middle East region. But more to that later.

Land Rover hopes that with powerful new petrol engines, revolutionary interior technologies and enhanced driving dynamics it will succeed in reinforcing the position of the 2010 Range Rover as one of the most complete luxury 4x4 worldwide, and especially in the Middle East and North Africa region.
According to company sources, the Land Rover’s flagship has been comprehensively updated to deliver more refined and efficient performance, along with the ultimate in interior comfort and craftsmanship.
The New 2010 Range Rover boasts a new naturally aspirated LR-V8 engine with similar performance to that of the outgoing supercharged engine, but with 16 percent better fuel economy. The new LR-V8 Supercharged has a 114PS increase in power to 510PS while improving economy by 7 percent.

The new 2010 Range Rover has undergone subtle exterior revisions, introducing new headlights, grille and bumper which enhance the classic Range Rover style with more contemporary detailing. The side of the vehicle features new �three-stripe’ LED indicators and redesigned three-section fender with an upright mesh grille in the front.

The interior benefits from more luxurious materials and finishes which add further refinements to the interior ambiance. The 2010 Range Rover introduces new luxury grade European leather trim available for a full leather headlining, pillar and door casings, dramatically increasing the premiumness of the cabin.

One of the major innovations in the new Range Rover is found in the instrument cluster where the traditional physical instruments are replaced by a configurable 12-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen, which presents all essential driver information via cleverly designed �virtual’ dials and graphic displays in the interior relaying system settings, outside temperature and off-road information such as Terrain Response settings.

The vehicle is also the first to feature �dual view’ infotainment touch screen technology which allows the driver and passenger to view different images simultaneously. This means that the passenger can enjoy a DVD movie while the driver follows navigation instructions, all on the same screen. The new portable audio interface that is now available allows connectivity to an array of personal audio storage devices, USB sticks and MP3 players, enabling the various devices’ functions to be accessed and controlled via the fascia-mounted touch-screen system on which the graphics and menus have been redesigned for easier and more intuitive operation.

The new Range Rover has an advanced new Adaptive Dynamics system which further improves the vehicle’s peerless ride quality with greater refinement and superior body control. In addition to this, other added benefits include a new breaking system, which has been comprehensively updated to provide enhanced stopping power and improved driver feel; refined Stability Control System, which helps automatically slow the vehicle if taking a corner too fast thereby increasing driver control; enhanced Dynamic Stability Control that interfaces with the break modulator and powertrain control module; �sand launch control’ for soft sand – one of the most power-hungry surfaces – which makes for noticeably easier drive and very relevant for the Middle East region.

The 2010 Range Rover’s advanced technologies have been enhanced with active safety aids including Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, automotive high beam assist, and a new Surround Camera system with five digital cameras which relay a near 360 degree view to the touch screen display that supports easier parking, touring and off-road maneuvering.

Robin Colgan, Managing Director, Land Rover Middle East and North Africa said, “We are excited to launch our flagship 2010 Range Rover in the Middle East, The new Range Rover has more power, is more efficient, and offers advanced technology and interior refinement. We are certain our discerning customers will appreciate the class-leading exhilarating performance that the vehicle offers�.

Land Rover hopes that the 2010 Range Rover maintains its reputation as the most complete luxury SUV in the world, and which will be available in showrooms across the Middle East and North Africa from this month onwards.

But for maintaining such a reputation in some Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, it will need to do much more than just launching new engines, revolutionary technology and face-lifted cars.

The after-sales service, the customer-service and their image and reputation has to be improved dramatically. Especially when the Land Rover dealer, like it is the case with MTI in Egypt, is busy and over-strained with other luxury brands such as Jaguar, Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati. With such a large portfolio the dealer has no time to give 100 % effort and care to each of the brand, especially when lacking professional, automotive-experienced and luxury-experienced staff.

That is one of the reason why some of the above mentioned luxury- and sport-car manufacturer are already exploring different options rather than keeping MTI as their sole importer. Maybe that is also something Land Rover should seriously take into consideration.

We strongly recommend Land Rover to change and appoint a new dealer and importer, in order to have a representable and professional company representing this unique brand and give it the market position, market-share and reputation it deserves in such an emerging market with over 80 million consumers and at least 10.000 potential customers annually.

A local Land Rover & Jaguar representative office reporting directly to Dubai or the mother-company in the UK and at the same time overlooking 4 or 5 independent and competing dealerships in Cairo, which has over 20 millions inhabitants, would be a good and effective re-start for Land Rover (as well as Jaguar) in this promising market.

Mohamed Sheta

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