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Ducati Riding Experience: Unique opportunity for bikers from Middle East and Egypt

There are hardly any professional riding events in Egypt or the Middle East offered by the motorcycles manufacturers. Therefore the only possibility to ride and train in a safe environment is to participate in one of the driving experiences such as Harley Davidson's breath-taking trips in the beautiful South Africa or the Ducati Riding Experience on Italy's finest racing circuits.

So, what if you are the proud owner of the brand-new and very promising Ducati Multistrada, or the fabulous Ducati Streetfight or even the segment-leading Ducati 1198 S? Well, then you will definitely have to check the must-attend Ducato Riding Experience calendar and book your seat there. Especially since the eagerly awaited Ducati Riding Experience is now back for 2010 and a new cooperation with the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (FMI) will offer an even more structured programme of riding courses aboard Ducati motorcycles at top Italian circuits.

The DRE offers an all-round experience with great courses, exciting tracks, a line-up of 30 top instructors, a fleet of 90 dedicated Ducati motorcycles and a support staff of more than 30 to ensure participants a valuable and enjoyable day to remember.

While remaining true to the formula that has made the DRE so successful, 2010 will see the adoption of FMI parameters and protocols for the Basic Course, providing a firm foundation for new riders to learn on right from the start. Furthermore, the DRE organisation will share their proven track training methods with Italian Federation experts so as to create the first officially certified school in Italy, a certification to which all schools will have to qualify in future.

With the new FMI official agreement, the DRE now builds upon the high standards already achieved in 2009 and underlines the company’s continuous development and improvement of their riding school in line with its range of motorcycles.

From taking a first step into motorcycling aboard a light, agile and user-friendly Monster 696 in the Basic course to improving existing road skills aboard a Hypermotard 796, 1100 and Monster 1100 in the Intermediate course, Ducati will improve and perfect all riding techniques. Those riders who prefer to improve their talents on the track will have the opportunity to spend a day receiving detailed instruction aboard an incredible Superbike 848, the mid-range Superbike proven, in recent years, to be the best learning platform. Track riders can progress from Racing 1 through to Racing 2 and, for advanced track riders, to the Master Racing course aboard the famous 1198 S with Ducati Traction Control.

The 2010 Ducati Riding Experience calendar includes the following dates:

Date Circuit Course
28-29 April Imola Basic- Racing 2- Masterclass
20-21 May Adria Basic - Intermdiate - Racing 1
25-26 June Imola Basic - Racing 2 - Master Racing
15-16 July Mugello Basic - Racing 2 - Master Racing
9-10 Sept Adria Basic - Intermediate - Racing 1

The Courses:
The Ducati riding courses offer a complete DRE. From those wishing to sit on a motorcycle for the very first time in the knowledge that they are in the company of highly qualified instructors, to those who want to improve their existing road skills in a structured learning environment. Riders who wish to improve their track riding skills can enjoy an exciting, adrenalin-filled experience alongside many professional racers and champions such as Italian riders, Paolo Casoli and Dario Marchetti.

Basic course:
This course is aimed at men and women who have never ridden a motorcycle, but would like to get a taste of the motorcycling world. It includes individual theory lessons and practice sessions in the paddock using the Monster 696. The course is open to a maximum number of 28 participants divided into four groups and is intended to teach the basics of riding, including pulling-away, changing gear, cornering and braking for beginners. A motorcycle licence is not necessary to take part in this course but participants must be over 18.

Intermediate course:
This course is designed for anyone who has a good level of motorcycling experience, and wants to improve their skills further. Ducati is focusing on safety more than ever and this course uses specific exercises that simulate road situations inside the paddock to improve overall machine control.

The Intermediate course is open to a maximum number of 42 participants, divided into groups of six. After the paddock sessions, participants will spend two track sessions experiencing the thrill of the race circuit in complete safety and accompanied by their instructors. The motorcycles used for this course are the, Hypermotard 796, Hypermotard 1100 and Monster 1100 and applicants must have a motorcycle licence with no engine size restrictions.

Racing 1 course:
This course is aimed at motorcyclists who are track novices and want to enter the track for the first time and learn in a safe environment. Safety and quality are top priorities for Ducati, so the track is restricted exclusively for the Racing 1 course. It concentrates on the basics of track etiquette, techniques, riding style and on enhancing rider confidence.

Racing 2 course:
This course is for expert motorcyclists who already have track experience and want to perfect their riding technique a little further. It is held at circuits that host World Championship races and provide a more demanding environment in which to learn. The course concentrates on riding techniques that maximise performance, perfecting riding style and optimising racing lines.

Both Racing 1 and 2 courses use the Superbike 848, a motorcycle perfectly suited for riders wanting to gain track confidence and optimise their riding skills. Its perfect balance of power, lightweight and superb chassis set-up combined with great instruction will bring out the best in every rider.

Master Racing course:
In pursuit of maximum rider performance, Ducati offers a highly focussed tuition in its Master Racing course aboard the awesome Superbike 1198 S. Equipped with ?–hlins suspension and Brembo Monobloc brakes the 1198 S uses Ducati Traction Control technology to help tame the Testastretta Evoluzione engine for the track. This course is intended for highly expert riders who want to achieve an even more advanced riding performance alongside top racing instructors and ex champions.

The course has a maximum of three participants in each group to ensure that every rider gets individual attention from the instructor. Each rider also receives an extra track session with professional data acquisition equipment, bringing their total track sessions to seven rather than six in previous editions. Participants must have attended at least one DRE track riding course already and have reached a level of riding appropriate to this course. The course concentrates on extreme track riding techniques more closely associated to a competition racing style.

Data acquisition:
As part of the Master racing course, participants will be able to compare their �performance data’ with that of their instructor’s. The system records throttle opening, engine rpm, vehicle speed, lap time, suspension travel, brake pressure, tyre temperatures and corner trajectories to give a full report. At the end of the test, the retrieved data forms a debrief session between each participant and their instructor and each participant is presented with a printed copy of their data.

Ducati has built a highly qualified line-up of instructors, many of who are National, European or even World Champions. They not only bring advanced riding skills to the DRE, but also create an extremely exciting and fun day in a friendly environment, typical of Ducati.

Unfortunately Ducati has no DRE courses for the brand-new Multistrada yet in its program. I hope this will change soon, especially since the Multistrada is an ideal bike for the road conditions in the Middle East and Egypt, and it could easily become a very strong competitor to the well-established BMW GS and the other Japanese competitors.


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