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Iveco Ecodaily Electric follows path of Vito E--Cell

12-08-2010 / Watford - Cairo /

Only a few weeks after Mercedes Benz pioneered in offering the Vito E-Cell electric van, Iveco decided to launch its EcoDaily Electric van and chassis cab in the UK and Ireland, combining all the robustness, productivity and flexibility of its popular light commercial vehicle range into a model producing zero tailpipe emissions.

The fully electric 3.5 and 5.2 tonne models stand out for being designed, engineered and manufactured by Iveco, rather than aftermarket conversions or a bespoke offering from a small volume manufacturer. This means they benefit from a full Iveco warranty plus the support of Iveco’s worldwide dealer network.

The EcoDaily Electric together with the Mercedes Vito E-Cell mark the future of urban transport and are both ideally suited to short-distance journeys and door-to-door deliveries in an urban environment.
They both qualify for a 100 per cent discount from London’s Congestion Charge.

Martin Flach, Product Director of Iveco UK, says: “Iveco has invested heavily in alternative fuel technology since the mid-1990s. As a direct result, we offer the largest selection of low-carbon commercial vehicles available in Europe, with the EcoDaily Electric joining natural gas variants of our EcoDaily, Eurocargo and Stralis, together with an innovative hybrid Eurocargo.�

The EcoDaily Electric benefits from pure electric traction using a three-phase motor controlled through a DC/AC inverter to provide effortless driving and range-extending regenerative braking (in a similar way to the Formula 1 KERS system). Power comes from advanced NaNiCl2 battery technology, which can be fully recharged in eight hours from any normal 32-amp 415-V three-phase socket. The power output is 30kW continuous (60kW peak) for 3.5 tonne models and 40kW continuous (80kW peak) for 5.2 tonne models, which is sufficient to pull away on gradients of up to 16 per cent when fully laden.

All drive components and batteries are housed either in the engine compartment or within the chassis side rails, ensuring there is no compromise in load space. This is made possible as EcoDaily Electric is designed, manufactured and sold by Iveco – which also brings further advantages regarding both planned and unplanned maintenance, as there is one supplier, one invoice and one warranty to manage.

Flach adds: “In terms of driver appeal it looks no different to a regular EcoDaily, whilst its electric motor provides instant access to maximum torque. This makes driving through town and city centres a breeze, not to mention a comfortable, quiet and eco-friendly experience.�

Every EcoDaily Electric features a dashboard display which provides the driver with relevant information such as the battery’s charge level, system voltage, temperature and traction current. Power is provided by Zebra Z5 traction batteries which are fully sealed and do not produce gaseous emissions or require maintenance. The batteries are also fully recyclable.

Real-life trials have shown the vehicles to have an effective range of between 55 and 80 miles, depending on the number of batteries specified and the vehicle’s application. Furthermore, EcoDaily Electric can be driven just like a conventional vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, using a gear lever to select forward, neutral or reverse. Each vehicle has a maximum road speed electronically limited to 45 mph, although this can be set to a lower level to further improve the range.

EcoDaily Electric is available as standard with a three year manufacturer’s warranty on the mechanical components and batteries, plus a two year warranty on the high voltage electrical drive system. Prices start from ?£40,000, with the batteries available to lease separately. Prices for the vehicle and batteries combined start from ?£63,000.


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