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The Stars Of The Paris 2010 Motorshow

The “Mondial de l’Automobile�, which will be held in Paris from the 2nd to the 17th of October 2010, will be the highlight of the 2010 automotive year where a lot of cars will be presented to the public for the first time world wide and celebrate in Paris world premiere.

Especially German car manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are presenting numerous new models.

Audi will not only present the S1 for the public, which is the most powerful model of the new compact model A1, but also the S8, which ranges on the other end of their vast product assortment.

The star of the Audi display will be however the brand-new four door coupe A7 model. The first four dour coupe based on the A4 and A6 platform, has tremendous potential to be the guttersnipe of its category. With a length of 4.95 meters, the stylistically confident Audi A7 provides ample room for four persons, except for the headspace on the backseats, due to the sloping roof. Starting from July, the Audi A7 can be ordered starting around 40.000 Euros, with delivery taking place in November. The car will be available with the 3.0 TFSI and alternatively as a 3.0 TDI.

Volvo V60 targets the BMW 3 series touring:

As an Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 series touring competitor, the Volvo S60 based station wagon will be presented at the Paris Motor show. The rear-end design of the car is oriented towards the XC60, and with a rather slanting than box-like shape, it is very apparent that functionality will play second fiddle to the beautiful design. The new Volvo model, which will be available starting from November, is presented with four different engine options: As a 2.0T (203 hp), as a four-wheel drive T6 (304 hp), in addition to the two diesel models 2.0 and 2.4, producing 163 hp and 205 ph respectively.

In preparation is a 1.6 liter diesel engine, which will produce 115 hp, and trimmed for economy to provide fuel consumption values around four liters per 100 km. The station wagon models V50 and V70 will remain on sale.

Mercedes presents new CLS:

In Paris, the second generation of the Mercedes CLS-available for sale starting from next November-will be presented to the public with distinct optical modifications like the powerful contoured wheel arches.

The new generation of the amazingly good-looking CLS is based on the current E-class, with a wheelbase which is increased by two cm to reach 2.87 meters. Due to the longer front-end and back-end the CLS surpasses the E-class with its 4.92 meters length clearly. The engines come from the new Move-generation, which provide more torque, combined at the same time with 20% lower fuel consumption. The V8 engine has an engine displacement which has been reduced from 5.5 liters to 4.6 liters, but accompanied with an increase in power output reaching 435 hp instead of the previous 388 hp.

The six cylinder 350 CGI will not have an altered engine displacement, but will produce now 306 hp instead of the previous 292 hp.

The CLS will be joined with other numerous premiers. Visitors of the Paris International Motor Show will also enjoy seeing the Mercedes S-coupe, which was formerly known as CL. The AMG SLS Roadster will also be disclosed, while the Mercedes display in Paris will be completed with various engines, hybrid-versions, and an Electro-powdered A-class.

Volkswagen to showcase new Passat:

The middle class model Volkswagen Passat, which plays a very important role among the VW sales numbers in Egypt and the Middle East, will be presented at the Paris Motor Show simultaneously as limousine and station wagon. This model will be loaded with a lot of electronic safety gadgets, which hopefully will be present in the models sold in Egypt.

The automatic distance control device for example can bring the car to a standstill in cases of emergency, whereas the Blind Spot Mirror solves dead angle zone of sight perfectly, and warns in case of dangerous lane changes.

On the one hand, a camera decodes traffic signs and displays them in the cockpit, whereas on the other hand the dynamic high beam regulator is taken from the Touareg and ensures appropriate light according to the weather condition and darkness level.

Although the length of the car increases marginally, the trunk volume of the Variant remains unchanged. The engine assortment changes slightly: the 1.6 liters engine production will be concluded, making the 1.4 liters TSI (122 hp) the new basic engine, followed by the 1.8 liters TSI (160 hp) and the 2.0 liters turbo which will produce now 211 hp instead of the previous 200 hp. The diesel engines available for sale will be the 1.6 TDI (105 hp) and the 2.0 TDI engine which produces optionally either 140 hp or 170 hp.

The automatic start-stop is standard in all models equipped with a diesel engine. From the beginning, there will also be the compressed natural gas (CNG) version called Ecofuel, producing 150 hp from a dual charged engine (turbo and compressor) with an engine displacement of 1.4 liters. Sales will commence in November 2010.

BMW displays X3 at the Mondial de l’Automobile:

The all-new 2011 BMW X3 will be presented at the 2010 Paris Motor show as a production car with improved riding comfort and space. The overall length of the car increased by 8 centimeters to reach 4.65 meters, while the kerb weight was reduced by 25 kg due to the use of thinner weight saving materials.
The engines available at the sales start are the 35i (306 hp) and 20d (184 hp), with a head up-display as an optional feature. Other small-size engines which shall be turbo-charged as well as Bi-Turbo-charged are expected to be launched soon.

BMW's four-doors Gran Coupe concept, which was presented by BMW at this year’s Peking Motor Show, will be followed in autumn by a two door version as a prospect for a concrete model, namely the brand-new six series, that will hit the market in 2011. Although the two door version will be first produced as convertible and then as a coupe, the latter one will the model presented at the Paris Motor show. With the model change of this six series, the technologies from the five and seven series, in addition to the multimedia and assistance gadgets will used.

The engine range offered will also be refreshed. The 630i will be replaced by the 635i (306 hp), whereas the 650i (407 hp) replaces the old one V8 (367 hp). Certainly, there is also a M6 in preparation, but with eight cylinders and not ten.

Ford presents Mondeo facelift:

In October the revised Ford Mondeo will be available for sale as limousine and station wagon, with significant optical modifications from its predecessor, although the car presented is a facelift and not a brand-new model.

The headlamps become more streamlined, with magnified lower air ducts. Among the most significant changes, are the more powerful engines: the two liters engine will produce 240 hp in its top version, whereas the already available two liters diesel engine will be joined by a higher ranking 2.2 liters TDCi producing 200 hp. Premium quality materials used in the cockpit will upgrade the overall sense of quality of the interior.

Citroen presents C4 and DS4 in Paris:

The new Crossover model C4 looks suspiciously similar to the Audi Q5, and aims exactly at this car segment. The DS4 characteristic include: external mirrors posted on columns, with the same kicked-up C-pillar as the current C4, while at the front is Citroen's bold double chevron grille complete with a DS badge in addition to the falling coupe-esque roof and door handles hidden at the third side window.

The portal themselves are characterized by a very narrow drawing, and make entrance to the rear not an easy procedure. Among the standard equipments of the basic diesel model HDi 90 is an automatic start system, whereas the optional list include both a blind-stop warning system in addition to an automatic emergency call system.

Double replacement Peugeot 508:

From two make one: under the aforementioned motto, the Peugeot 508 will replace the 407 and the 607. The new model will be available as a limousine and a station wagon, whereas 2012 will witness the addition of the Allroad model, characterized by improved five centimeters ground clearance and under ride guard and electronic connectible all wheel drive.

With a length of 4.85 meters, the Peugeot 508 directly aims at the Ford Mondeo and Opel Insignia. The drivetrain of the petrol-driven version will be a 1.6 liters producing 200 hp, while a 2.2 liters diesel version will produce slightly more than 220 hp. Sales launch will be in 2011, and in 2012 a hybrid-alternative will follow.

Refreshed Mini:

With light retouches and new diesel engines, the Mini will start after the summer break. The PSA-diesel engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters will be replaced by the 1.4 liters coming from BMW, which will be available with two power stages, namely 90 hp and 112 hp. The more powerful version will take advantage from an improved torque, which rises from 240 Nm to impressive 270 Nm, resulting in a more spontaneous throttle response.

This indicates that the same engine generation utilized in the Countryman will be utilized in the Mini. The interior ambience will be enhanced whereas all existing MINI models - Hatch, Clubman and Convertible - benefit from design refreshments to both exterior and interior that bring a fresh, dynamic style to the range.

At the front, a new bumper with a lower air intake serves not only to update MINI's face but also to improve pedestrian protection courtesy of larger deformation zones. New style fog lamps adorn either side of the air intake which on MINI One and Cooper features a black cross bar to emphasize the car's low, wide stance. On the Cooper S two purposeful air intakes feed the brake discs and enhance the sporting intent of this model.

The typical round MINI headlights display new light elements, with optional Xenon lamps featuring Adaptive headlights (bendy lights) as an option. A new side indicator has a distinctive design of concentric circles and sits in the redesigned side gill housings.

At the rear, a new bumper the tail and brake lights are now LEDs while the brake lights use dynamic intensity lighting that varies according to the deceleration force applied. Pulsating light affords following drivers an opportunity to gauge the urgency of the braking manoeuvre. The LED design also gives a distinctive light design at night. Integrated reversing and rear fog lamps are also new and are housed in the rear bumper.


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