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Skoda Octavia and Superb receive new engine and new drivetrain configuration

Building on its multi-award winning product line-up, ? koda has announced the introduction of a four-wheel drive 2.0 TDI CR 140bhp (103 kW) engine with automatic DSG transmission to hatchback and estate versions of the Superb, Octavia Estate and Octavia Scout.

? koda Auto keeps enhancing the value of its vehicles. Simply Clever solutions provide the best possible price/performance ratio, one of the key characteristics of all ? koda models. The new drivetrain configuration for Octavia and Superb models offers a combination of the comfort of automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system for much safer driving in all situations.

The advanced four-wheel drive system is designed to tackle those challenging conditions that would leave two-wheel drive competitors stranded

The Superb and Superb Combi with four-wheel drive are very popular, accounting for nearly ten percent of the total sales of these models (every fifth Combi sold is a four-wheel drive). That is why the Superb line is soon going to be available with a new combination of a 2.0 TDI engine (direct fuel injection, particulate filter, 103 kW) and an automatic twin-clutch six-speed DSG transmission with four-wheel drive.

Scheduled for launch in early November this year, this attractive package is going to be offered with both body versions (hatchback and estate). The power distribution is controlled electronically, by the fourth-generation Haldex clutch. Under normal traction conditions, 96 % of the total power is directed to the front axle.

If, however, the road/wheel adhesion parameters change, the Haldex system reacts in a fraction of a second and moves the torque to those wheels whose traction parameters are better at that particular moment. The result is safe driving in any conditions, including on snow and ice or in rain.

This attractive drivetrain package will also be available with the Octavia line. The 2.0 TDI CR DPF 103 kW diesel engine and the automatic DSG transmission with four-wheel drive will be offered with both the Octavia Combi and the Scout version.

With nearly 14,000 vehicles sold in 2009 alone, the Octavia with four-wheel drive is a success, and the four-wheel drive version of the Combi accounts for 15 % of the total sales of this model line, which means that tens of thousands of customers worldwide have already had a chance to admire the high quality and excellent driving properties of the ? koda Octavia 4?—4.

The vehicle is an attractive companion for everyday driving to work, as well as a reliable partner for leisure time experiences. Two years ago, the readers of Auto Bild All-Rad magazine voted the ? koda Octavia Combi 4?—4 the four-wheel drive of the year 2008. Similarly, the Octavia Scout won the “Best Crossover Estateâ€? award from the UK magazine 4?—4.

The key benefits of the fourth-generation Haldex clutch include immediate reaction in any driving situation (without any slip of the front wheels), safer driving thanks to immediate redistribution of torque according to traction parameters of the respective wheels, better manoeuvrability and unlimited compatibility with ABS and ESP systems.

No dates have been announced yet for the launch of the 2.0 TDI 4x4-DSG drivetrain configuration in the Middle East and North Africa markets.

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