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22.03.2011 / Dubai – Cairo – London /

Existing Jaguar-owners in Egypt will probably not consider buying a new Jaguar soon, especially not while the current Jaguar dealer MTI is still in charge. This is not the case in the Middle East region, where Jaguar enjoys a much better reputation.

That is probably also the reason why Jaguar Middle East has responded to the new trend of downsizing the engines in the luxury car segment, which is becoming more and more popular.

After Mercedes introduced a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine in the S-Class (S250), it is now Jaguar launching a new edition of its XJ large premium sedan, powered by its 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine. This latest addition broadens the appeal of the XJ, allowing Jaguar to compete in a new segment of 6-cylinder full size luxury sedans.

Robin Colgan, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, said “It is a point of pride for us that this new derivative has been developed as a response to requests from MENA, China and Russia. The redesigned XJ has already won over 20 international awards and generated rave reviews. It’s now time to broaden the XJ offering to suit the specific needs of this market.�

This petrol V6 engine has been tried and tested in the XF sports saloon, and offers a commendable blend of performance and economy. The 3.0-litre engine boasts four valves per cylinder, quad overhead camshafts, variable cam phasing (VCP) technology and variable geometry air intakes.

The new unit will be available on both long and short wheelbase XJs, with the drivetrain reserved for the MENA, China and Russia markets where demand is strongest.

Launched in 2010, the new XJ introduced a bold new design direction for Jaguar and instantly won acclaim around the world. Jaguar is famed for its innovation, particularly in the luxury car sector, and in 2003 pioneered the use of lightweight aluminum construction with the X350 generation XJ. Today’s XJ offers a weight saving of up to 150kg over its rivals by developing on the same technology. This has allowed Jaguar to fit its compact, lightweight 3.0-litre petrol V6.

Both car and engine have been extensively reworked for the new application in order to meet Jaguar’s high standards of refinement, luxury and driver appeal. An acoustic package for the engine bulkhead attenuates NVH levels, allowing the XJ to transport driver and passengers in hushed refinement.

The XJ is also renowned for its dynamic abilities and the engine and transmission have received specific attention in order to boost driveability and low speed responsiveness. The car’s construction not only improves agility and performance but also fuel economy, the XJ achieving 10.9 litres per 100km (25.9mpg) and emits just 272 g/km of CO2.

This new XJ offers all the luxury and refinement expected of Jaguar’s flagship and is available in Luxury and Premium Luxury trim levels according to market.

The new XJ is available to order now in the MENA region, while there is no announcement yet whether the new Jaguar XJ V6 will be available in Egypt or not.

Unlike the positive reputation of Jaguar in the Middle East region, the reputation of Jaguar in Egypt is extremely negative due to the very bad and unprofessional customer service provided by its local dealer, MTI.

This comes in line with the same unprofessional customer service MTI is providing to the other brands it represents in Egypt, namely Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Land Rover and recently also Ducati. One of the main reasons why MTI is offering such an unprofessional customer service and is clearly overstrained with these brands, is the fact that most of these brands do not even have a dedicated show-room in Egypt.

What is even more irritating is that while MTI claims it officially represents Ducati in Egypt and even had 4 bikes on display at the 2010 AutoMech Motor Show in Cairo last June, the Ducati headquarter informs any potential bike-customer that there is no Ducati representative in Egypt and refer them to the Ducati showroom in the UAE. MTI is not even listed on the official Ducati website as its importer.


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Readers Comments:

Ehab Osman from Cairo - Egypt wrote:
All I can add is the absolute confirmation of the absolutely lousy service offered for jaguar in Egypt..I am currently the unfortunate owner of an X Type experiencing the full misery of the local service center, with complete lack of professionalism...definitely my next car will not be a Jaguar.

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