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The Volkswagen Group reported a further rise in global vehicle deliveries for the first four months of this year. Europe’s largest automaker delivered 2.66 (January – April 2010: 2.34; +13.9 per cent) million units during this period, once again clearly outperforming the world market (+7.7 per cent). The company also reported a rise for the month of April, when 690,900 (April 2010: 603,500; +14.5 per cent) vehicles were sold. “As expected, deliveries by our Group brands developed well in April, too,� Group Board member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday. “As a result, we have made a good start to the second quarter. We aim to maintain this momentum over the coming months.�

Overall, the Group brands delivered 1.23 (1.13; +8.4 per cent) million vehicles throughout Europe from January to April. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 703,000 (665,100; +5.7 per cent) customers took delivery of a new vehicle. The Group brands reported a marked increase in Central and Eastern Europe, delivering 155,400 (119,500; +30.0 per cent) units in the first four months. On its home market of Germany, the Volkswagen Group achieved 6.2 per cent growth, delivering 367,000 (345,500) units.

Deliveries on the American continent also developed well, growing 17.9 per cent to 201,700 (171,000) units in the North America region, of which 131,500 (112,600; +16.8 per cent) vehicles were delivered on the US market. The Volkswagen Group handed over 295,300 (276,100; +6.9 per cent) vehicles to customers in the South America region during the same period.

The Group reported strong growth in deliveries in the Asia / Pacific region, where 837,300 (683,400; +22.5 per cent) vehicles were handed over to customers in the period to April, of which 741,200 (620,500; +19.5 per cent) units were delivered in China, the region’s largest single market. The company also reported strong growth in India, where 37,200 (10,400; +256.6 per cent) units were delivered.

All Group brands with stable delivery growth
The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 1.66 (1.49) million vehicles worldwide in the period from January to April, representing growth of 11.2 per cent. The brand developed particularly well in China, handing over 578,200 (494,000; +17.0 per cent) units to customers there. In the North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 17.1 per cent more vehicles (149,400; 127,600) during the same period, in the Central and Eastern Europe region the brand reported a 37.7 per cent rise to 53,900 (39,200) units.

Audi also continued on its growth path of recent months, delivering 422,000 (360,700; +17.0 per cent) vehicles worldwide in the first four months. The premium brand from Ingolstadt performed particularly well in South America (+26.8 per cent) and Asia / Pacific (+23.3 per cent). Audi also continued to grow deliveries in Europe, where 250,100 (220,300; +13.6 per cent) units were handed over to customers in the period to April.

The Czech automaker ? koda delivered 295,300 (242,100; +22.0 per cent) vehicles worldwide from January to April. ? koda developed particularly well in Central and Eastern Europe, where 71,600 (56,900; +25.8 per cent) vehicles were delivered to customers, and in the Asia / Pacific region, where 86,100 (62,000; +39.0 per cent) units were handed over.

SEAT delivered 121,200 (117,300) vehicles worldwide in the first four months, representing an increase of 3.2 per cent. Deliveries by the Spanish brand in Germany were particularly satisfactory, with 17,000 (13,500; +25.7 per cent) models handed over. The brand also grew in Italy, delivering 6,900 (6,000; +14.8 per cent) units there.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles enjoyed significant growth of 31.1 per cent in the period from January to April, delivering 164,200 (125,200) units. On West European markets, brand deliveries grew 29.0 per cent to 53,200 (41,300) units (Western Europe excluding Germany), with growth as high as 61.5 per cent (10,200; 6,300) in Central and Eastern Europe.



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