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For the first time in the Middle East and North African market, customers can now purchase any Renault model through a limited-time offer, which includes a five-year or 1 million kilometer warranty along with a five-year or 100,000 km service, trade-in assurance and more. This might even be the first-time in automotive history that such a 1-million-km warranty offer has been offered ......read more
In its 8th round, the internationally admired MercedesTrophy golf tournament kicked off its final qualifying round at the Palm hills golfing club on the 9th of April 2016, following a series of qualifying events that were held across Cairo, Giza and Alexandria taking place at Egypt’s leading golfing clubs including the Alexandria Sporting club, and the Mirage City golf club, where ......read more
"ميلي ميليا" ليس مجرّد سباق للسيارات، بل هو لقاء تقليدي يجمع بين هواة السيارات من مختلف أنحاء العالم. فعلى دروب إيطاليا الخلابة التي تعبر بين مناظر طبيعية تخطف الأنفاس، يحتفل هؤلاء بشغفهم المشترك تجاه هذه السيارات الكلاسيكية التي تزاوج بين الدقة الفنية والأداء الميكانيكي العالي، فضلاً عن الأناقة المترفة التي ......read more
- ثلاثة مشروعات مصرية فائزة في مسابقة “STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR 2016 BY TOTAL” لريادة الأعمال التي أطلقتها شركة توتال في مصر - الجوائز تبدأ من 70 ألف وتصل إلى 160 ألف بجانب التدريب الفني من شركة توتال إيجيبت - المشروعات الفائزة تركز على تطوير تقنيات الري لأصحاب الأراضي الصغيرة، وتيسير حصول المرضى على الرعاية الصحية، وتحسين جودة حياة ......read more
Over the past few years, the reputation of the renowned German brands Volkswagen and Audi as well as the Spanish brand SEAT have been damaged a lot by the Egyptian Automotive & Trade Company (EATC), which is unfortunately the official importer of those three brands in Egypt. Aside from the scandals and corruption accusations between both EATC partners, the Beirut-based Lebanese ......read more
The Deep Orange 6, “a next-generation Toyota concept vehicle” developed and engineered by students from Clemson University, has been unveiled this week at the SAE International 2016 World Congress and Exhibition in Detroit, MI. By using TeXtreme® carbon fabrics in its door panels, rear hatch, dashboard, and bumpers and cladding, significant weight savings, improved ......read more
The Road to World Car journey ended today with the declaration of the MAZDA MX-5 as the 2016 World Car of the Year. The winner was announced during a press conference hosted by the New York International Auto Show, Bridgestone Corporation and Autoneum. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership between World Car and the New York show, and the third consecutive year that the ......read more
397 kW (540 hp), from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.6 seconds, top speed 318 km/h (197.6 mph) – the new Audi R8 Spyder* with V10 naturally aspirated engine merges impressive performance with the allure of open-top driving. Its striking design and high-end technologies demonstrate the concentrated expertise of the premium brand. Audi is unveiling its new open high-performance sports car ......read more
في أجواء مليئة بالإثارة والتشويق والصور التذكارية.. مرسيدس-بنز تسلّط الضوء على مُحبي السهر في أبرز الوجهات الأنيقة بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة سيحظى محبو السهر في دبي هذا الشهر بلحظات مميزة من الأناقة والتألق، وذلك من خلال التوقف في عدة وجهات عصرية في دبي وأبوظبي لكي يتم التقاط صورهم الفوتوغرافية كنجوم للسهر ......read more
Just over six years after the company was formed, McLaren Automotive has announced details of its Track22 Business Plan, taking it through the next six years through to 2022. Maintaining a spotlight on the development of the world best drivers’ cars, McLaren Automotive will continue to focus purely on the development of two-seater sports and supercars. At the heart of the Business ......read more
Although many Maserati fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Maserati's first SUV, it seems that the Maserati fans in Egypt will have to wait much longer than the fans in the rest of the Middle East as Maserati will probably launch the SUV with a importer rather than with the unprofessional MTI importer. But at least the Maserati fans in Egypt will be able to enjoy the world ......read more
Usually we do not publish reader’s letters and complaints in our articles and news section, but this complaint from our reader Mohamed Ragab Hadary about the AUDI-Volkswagen-SEAT dealership discriminating his veiled fiancée at the recent AUDI A4 launch event had to published here as well as in the reader’s letter section. As soon as we receive an official reply and statement from ......read more
باقي أقل من أسبوع واحد على المشاركة في مسابقة STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR BY TOTAL انتهاء التقديم في 31 يناير 2016 مسابقة Startupper of the Year by Total تدعم المبادرة الرئاسية لدفع عجلة الاقتصاد عن طريق تشجيع الابتكار وريادة الأعمال توتال مصر تدعو أصحاب المشاريع المتميزة في مصر للمشاركة أو استكمال إجراءات التقديم في مسابقة Startupper of the Year by Total قبل يوم ......read more
The German Wolfsburg-based automaker Volkswagen AG assumes it will have to buy back about 115,000 cars in the United States of America as a consequence of the recent emissions scandal, according to newspaper reports on Thursday (07.01.2016). A German daily newspaper said Volkswagen expected it would have to either refund the purchase price of a fifth of the diesel vehicles affected ......read more
مرسيدس- بنز الفئة-G - أسطورة تنبض بالحياة تبدأ سيارات مرسيدس- بنز الكلاسيكية للطرق الوعرة فصلاً جديداً في قصة نجاحها التي تمتد إلى ما يزيد عن 35 عاماً. فمع تقنياتها المحسّنة باستمرار ومواصفات تجهيزاتها الراقية، لطالما واكبت هذه الأيقونة المميزة لكافة أنواع التضاريس أعلى التوقعات لمحبي السيارات القوية ......read more
With the new S 65 Cabriolet, Mercedes-AMG is for the first time offering a performance car which combines the impressive power of the 6.0‑litre V12 biturbo engine with the pleasure of open-top driving for four occupants. An output of 463 kW (630 hp), 1000 nm of maximum torque, the sport suspension based on AIRMATIC and the exquisite appointments emphasise the exceptional status of ......read more
The final chapter in the production of the McLaren P1™ has now been written as the 375th and final example was completed, bringing the curtain down on the most technologically advanced and dynamically accomplished supercar ever made. From launch, the groundbreaking model was designed with one key goal: to be the best drivers’ car on road and track. Since headlining the debut ......read more
Maxus, one of SAIC MOTOR’s brands, revealed a number of models at the Dubai International Motor Show 2015. The launch showcased the latest models and technology from China to consumers in the Middle East. As one of the first Chinese light commercial vehicle (LCV) company to enter the Middle East market, Maxus is introducing several major models to Middle East consumers. The ......read more
Land Rover has unveiled the its so-called world’s first luxury compact SUV convertible, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. According to Land Rover this new convertible combines the bold design and refinement of Evoque with comprehensive specification and a sophisticated folding roof to create a no compromise, all-season convertible. The distinctive shape of the original Range ......read more
ماكلارين أوتوموتيف تكشف عن نسخة حصرية من طراز 650 إس خلال معرض دبي للسيارات 2015 أعلنت ماكلارين أوتوموتيف عن مشاركتها في معرض دبي الدولي للسيارات 2015، حيث ستكشف خلال المعرض عن واحد من أكثر الطرازات الحصرية من نوع 650 إس حتى الآن، والذي سيكون محدوداً بخمس سيارات فقط وسيتم تصنيعه خصيصاً للزبائن في منطقة الشرق الأوسط. وقد تم ......read more
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA said several additional models from the German Volkswagen Group, including Audi and Porsche models, contained the infamous illegal software that masked higher emissions than allowed by U.S. regulations. Auto Arabia editor-in-chief Mohamed Sheta had already predicted in several TV interviews during the past few weeks on BBC Arabic TV and Al ......read more
Daimler has opened its first regional center for commercial vehicles for the Middle East and North Africa, situated in Dubai, UAE. Daimler Commercial Vehicles Middle East & North Africa (DCV MENA) will support 19 countries - from Morocco to Pakistan - from its regional office in Dubai. The new entity will be responsible for the group's full commercial vehicles portfolio in the region ......read more
فى إطار حرصها على التوسع فى السوق المصرى وضخ المزيد من الاستثمارات به، افتتحت مجموعة تويوتا إيچبت مركز خدمة جديد بمنطقة قباء، مزود بأحدث المعدات المتطورة وقطع الغيار اللازمة لتقديم كافة الخدمات لعملاء تويوتا وبأعلى مستوى من الجودة. وصرح أحمد منصف الرئيس التنفيذى لمجموعة شركات تويوتا - إيچبت أن "السوق المصرى سوق ......read more
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