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Due to the many reader’s letters, complaints as well as phone calls to our weekly live program on Radio Masr 88.7 (every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm) about several Volkswagen models as well as the Volkswagen & Audi service center in Egypt, we decided to republish the following recall which was announced by the Volkswagen Group a while ago: VW announced a problem with the Jetta, ......read more
Molsheim - Dubai / The final order for the Bugatti Veyron has been placed by a European customer, marking an end to the successful era and exclusive production run of 300 units of the supercar and its even faster cousin the Super Sport. The coupe versions of the Veyron are worthy successors to the heritage of classic Bugattis, now collector's items of unparalleled status and ......read more
Wolfsburg (Germany) - Bor?¥s (Sweden) - Dubai / At the final presentation of the EU research project HAVEit (Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport), Prof. Dr. J?¼rgen Leohold, Executive Director Volkswagen Group Research, has presented the “Temporary Auto Pilotâ€? by Volkswagen: Monitored by the driver, the car can drive semi-automatically up to a speed of ......read more
Rolle (Switzerland) - Dubai (UAE) / Infiniti in the Middle East has not reached the same success like Lexus did. But this might change soon, as Infiniti has announced that Bernard Loire, will be appointed as Vice President, Infiniti Europe and Middle East, based in Rolle, Switzerland from August 1, 2011. Currently Vice President Sales Operations, Nissan Europe, Bernard replaces ......read more
(Part 1) Whereas a lot of people in the Middle East solely focus on driving the most up-to-date cars both on the racing circuit and on the normal road, and equip them with the latest performance and handling improving gadgets, they are missing out on the most significant variable of the equation, namely the driver. Using the most sophisticated fuel and oil, is essential for the ......read more
In the Middle East and North Africa region, especially in Egypt, the Volkswagen Passat sedan is considered one of the most popular and successful cars in its segment. But with over 15 million cars sold worldwide, the Passat by Volkswagen is also one of the most successful automobiles in the whole world. And now the new Passat, in its seventh generation since 1973, has also ......read more
Stuttgart - Dubai - Cairo / Brimming with innovation and emotion. Easier on the environment than other trucks. Aiming for the very top in terms of comfort, driving dynamics and economy. Boasting outstanding material and build quality as well as the lowest overall costs. Not to mention irresistibly good looks. Yet for all these superlatives, the most important aspect for those ......read more
In Loutraki / It would have been indeed difficult to find a better place for the first victory in SWRC. The Red Bull ? KODA team won the legendary Acropolis Rally, one of the most difficult events in the rallying calendar. The season's fourth event saw Juho H?¤nninen win after putting in a brilliant performance - a combination of speed, patience and cool-headedness. Although he ......read more
Auto Arabia was the first, and is still the only, automotive media to conduct 100.000km and 50.000km long-term test-drives in the Middle East and North Africa region. ´ Such long-term test-drives are extremely important for the customers and automotive consumers in the Middle East region, as such tests are the only reliable source for them, before they decide which car they should ......read more
London - Dubai / The third generation Toyota Yaris will be launched in the UK this summer. Developed from an original concept of “compact outside, spacious inside,� new Yaris shows Toyota further improving the clever packaging that was a hallmark of its predecessors. Moreover, it will mark a breakthrough in its segment for affordable multimedia connectivity with ......read more
Wolfsburg / Nizhny Novgorod / Dubai Volkswagen and the GAZ Group today signed an agreement to assemble Volkswagen and ? koda models under contract at the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod. The companies already concluded a memorandum of understanding regarding joint automobile production in Russia in February 2011. The planned production volume is 110,000 vehicles per year. The agreement ......read more
Goodwood - London - Dubai / In just ten days time the annual UK National Motorsport Week (25 June-3 July) gets underway, celebrating Britain’s dominant role in global motor racing with a week of activities culminating at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed (30 June-3 July) - one of the world’s greatest celebration of motor sport and car culture, where almost every ......read more
Montreal - Dubai - Cairo / Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Jenson Button made sensational amends to McLaren, after involuntarily taking team mate Lewis Hamilton out of a chaotic Canadian Grand Prix on the eighth lap today (12.06.2011), by snatching victory from Sebastian Vettel halfway round the final lap, when the German Red Bull driver came of the dry racing line and ......read more
فولكس واجن تتوج فائزي الشرق الأوسط في بطولة العالم لكفاءة الصيانة 2011 دبي – تفوق تقنيو فولكس واجن الشرق الأوسط خلال بطولة العالم لكفاءة الصيانة 2011 بحصولهم على المركزين الأول والثاني في فئة "رئيس التقنيين الإقليمي". وتم تنظيم هذه البطولة لتكريم فنيي ومشرفي صيانة فولكس واجن والذين أبدوا أعلى معايير الجودة، المعرفة ......read more
شركة الإمارات للسيارات تُرسل فريق العمل الميداني لسيارات مرسيدس- بنز لدعم أصحاب أسطول السيارات التجارية أبوظبي: انطلاقًا من الدعم المتواصل الذي تقدمه شركة الإمارات للسيارات لعملائها من أصحاب أساطيل السيارات التجارية، يقوم قسم السيارات التجارية بالشركة مع دايملر الشرق الأوسط و المشرق العربي بإرسال فريق عمل ......read more
Frankfurt - Dubai - Cairo / The Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is not only giving the Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota and Lexus a hard time when it comes to comparison tests, but it is apparently also giving the established German car manufacturers a hard time when it comes to local and international publicity events. Back in 2006, when the FIFA Soccer World World Cup ......read more
High Wycombe - Seoul - Dubai / Hyundai in the UK today announces the full pricing, specification and insurance group ratings for the anticipated all-new i40 Tourer. On sale in the UK from September 2011, prices will start from ?£18,395 on the road with insurance from Group 12E*; and will offer customers a high level of standard specification coupled with competitive cost of ......read more
London - Dubai - Cairo / In November last year, ? koda set out to find Facebook’s meanest and loveliest people, and reward them with brand new, award-winning ? kodas. More than 9,000 people entered the competition and the winners have been announced. The competition, part of the multi-million pound launch campaign for the ? koda Fabia vRS, worked by entrants allowing ......read more
The running costs of a super car has now become substantially more affordable thanks to Nissan offering a three year servicing plan, along with three years RAC cover, for the 2011 version GT-R. The free offer of the servicing plan is included when purchasing a GT-R through Nissan’s own personal contract plan (PCP) known as Preferences. Should you choose to finance your car ......read more
فولكس واجن الشرق الأوسط تحتفل بكرة قدم الناشئين - ثمانية فِرق تتنافس على بطولة فولكس واجن الشرق الأوسط للناشئين دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة شهدت دبي هذا الشهر تتويج فريق أكاديمية أمبرو الدولية في جبل علي لكرة القدم على قمة بطولة فولكس واجن الشرق الأوسط للناشئين في المنطقة وذلك بعد فوزه على منافسه مدرسة أبوظبي ......read more
Monaco - Dubai - Cairo / Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel gave his opponents a run for their money and entertained millions of people around the globe when he scored a maiden victory in the prestigious Monaco Formula 1 race this weekend. He got the pole position, then had it inadvertently safeguarded after Sergio Perez’s heavy accident at the exit of the tunnel and start of ......read more
لاندروڤر تدشّن مصنعاً جديداً لتجميع السيارات في بوني بالهند أعلنت شركة جاكوار لاندروڤر عن افتتاحها رسمياً اليوم لمصنعها الأول المخصص لتجميع السيارات في الهند. وسوف تتم في هذا المصنع الواقع في بوني بمنطقة مهاراشترا في الهند، عمليات تجميع سيارات لاندروڤر فريلاندر "LR2" التي يتم استيراد كامل قطعها من مصنع "هيلوود" ......read more
High Wycombe (UK) - Dubai - Cairo / The positive news about Hyundai in both the Middle East and Europe continue week after week. This week Hyundai is celebrating that the company has sold five million vehicles in Europe since the first Hyundai Pony was imported in 1977. The five millionth vehicle was an i30, which was launched in 2007 and has subsequently sold just over 320,000 ......read more
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